DEM Party calls for closure of S and Y Type prisons

The DEM Party Law and Human Rights Commission prepared a report emphasising that S and Y type prisons, which are full of practices against human rights, should be closed down.

The DEM Party's Law and Human Rights Commission submitted a report emphasising the need for the closure of S and Y type prisons. Speaking at the press conference held at the Commission's Headquarters in Ankara on Wednesday, Co-spokesperson Öztürk Türkdoğan shared the party's information on Y and S type prisons.

Türkdoğan stated that there are currently 403 prisons in Turkey and the total capacity of these prisons is 295 thousand people. However, as of 1 July, the number of people held in prisons increased to 342,526. He said that this situation shows that there are more people than capacity in prisons and that this number is constantly increasing. Türkdoğan also emphasised that seriously ill prisoners should be released immediately, postponement of release should be stopped and the administrative observation board should be abolished.

In its report, the commission stated that S and Y type prisons are particularly worrying for political prisoners and that these models should be closed down. Türkdoğan said, "These prisons are full of practices against human rights. The current version of the Penal Execution Code (CİK) seriously threatens the health and life rights of prisoners. Therefore, it is imperative that these prisons are closed down immediately and the execution regime is reformed."

Türkdoğan also emphasised that the poor prison conditions have spread all over Turkey, starting from İmralı, and that the conditions need to be improved urgently.

The Commission's report, supported by the findings of the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV), the Human Rights Association (İHD) and other civil society organisations, was prepared for submission to the Parliamentary Human Rights Inquiry Commission. The DEM Party stated that it will continue its struggle against human rights violations in prisons and will try to realise these demands with the support of the people.