DBP Van Provincial Co-Chair: “Systematic repression in prisons”

Çetin Uyar, Van Provincial Co-Chair of the Democratic Regions Party (DBP), stated that the state repression of hunger-striking prisoners in Turkey has reached the level of "systematic repression."

For the past 288 days, Turkish prisoners have been on an indefinite alternating hunger strike in protest of the isolation measures imposed on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Despite all the constraints, the political prisoners demonstrate their determination and resilience. Despite the hunger strikers' progress, the government has yet to take any action. The AKP-MHP coalition, which is breaking its own rules, refuses to even let Abdullah Öcalan see his family.

DBP (Democratic Regions Party) Van Provincial Co-Chair Çetin Uyar assessed opposition to isolation measures in jails to ANF, saying, "Abdullah Öcalan has been in isolation in Imralı prison for 22 years. Since 2015, he has been denied access to his family and legal counsel. We are concerned about Abdullah Öcalan's health as a result of the pandemic outbreak. On behalf of the people of Van and the DBP, we urge that these talks take place as soon as possible."

‘Isolation must end as soon as possible’

“Thousands of our friends in jail have joined the hunger strike resistance,” Uyar stated, recalling that thousands of prisoners have been on a hunger strike for 288 days in protest at the Imrali isolation: “We've said it many times as a party, and we'll keep saying it. We oppose isolation. The isolation must end as quickly as possible. The Ministry of Justice should be considerate about this.”

‘Isolation is applied even in the hospital'

Uyar stated that the pressure on political prisoners who continue to resist has risen, saying, "During the 288-day hunger strike, our ailing companions were unable to go to the doctor. Because the inmates are held alone in the hospital for 14 days. Letters in Kurdish are not delivered, and searches are conducted in a detailed manner. In prison, there is isolation within isolation. The pressure is enormous. We'll say it again: Isolation must be abolished and a solution must be found.”