Constitutional Court rejects Güven's application

The Constitutional Court rejected HDP's Leyla Güven's application regarding the lawsuit that led to her being stripped of parliamentary immunity.

The Constitutional Court (AYM) ruled that the application by the HDP former MP and Democratic Society Congress co-chair Leyla Güven, who was detained and subsequently convicted within the scope of the "KCK operations" launched in 2009, inadmissible.

The Constitutional Court rejected the application regarding the violation of the right to organize, freedom of expression and free choice, claiming that there was no interference with the fundamental rights and freedoms envisaged in the Constitution or that the interference did not constitute a violation.

Güven's lawyer Reyhan Yalçındağ said: "Being an elected Kurd does not mean that the right to be elected is recognized. On the contrary, the elected people in this country are now treated according to their identity and the party they belong to."

Stating that the ruling was unlawful, lawyer Yalçındağ drew attention to the violation of the right to be elected.