Conditions in Patnos L Type very bad, says IHD Van Branch co-chair

İHD Van Branch co-chair Emine Keskin said that they saw very bad conditions in Patnos L Type.

The administration of Patnos Prison, where violations of rights and torture are very heavy, claimed that it acted in accordance with the legislation.

The delegation formed by the IHD, ÖHD and HDP published the report it prepared as a result of the meetings with the prisoners in Iğdır, Ağrı and Van prisons, the prosecutor's office and the prison administration. Prisoners Bilal Babahan, Vedat Kalın and Ferit Kaşçı, who were tortured in Patnos L Type Prison, told the delegation their experiences.

Broken arms

Bilal Balahan said that a crowded group of guards entered the courtyard and pointed directly at him. He said: “They took me to a room. Some were shouting 'Break his arm'. My arm was indeed broken in two places by the guards. Then they took me to the sponge room and let me there for hours. They shouted insults at me. 'These are your best days. Bad days are waiting for you,' they threatened. We were beaten and tortured, but the prison administration filed a criminal complaint against us.”

Prisoner Vedat Kalın stated that they were thrown to the ground and kicked for opposing what was done to Bilal Balahan. He said: “They squeezed our throats. I have marks and bruises on my throat, back and shoulders."

Another prisoner, Ferit Kaşçı, added: “They hit our heads hard on the ground. When I said I couldn't breathe, they kicked my back. I have bruises on my right shoulder.”

Very bad conditions

İHD Van Branch co-chair Emine Keskin said that they saw very bad conditions in Patnos L Type. Pointing out that the prison administration said it is acting in accordance with the legislation, Keskin said: “There are major abuses, as the prisoners say, from violation of rights to torture. Families are in great distress. Using the epidemic as an excuse, the prison administration has completely cut off the relationship of prisoners with the outside world and have isolated them.”