Cihad Hesen still in the hands of Hewler authorities after 97 days

The Autonomous Administration Hewler representative, Cihad Hesen, has not yet been released and the authorities have given no news about him for 97 days.

Cihad Hesen, representative of the Autonomous Administration of North-East Syria in Hewler, was arrested together with PYD members Mistefa Osman Xelil and Mistefa Eziz Mistê by KDP forces on 10 June. On 29 July, Xelil and Mistê were released. However, 97 days after his arrest, Hesen remains in the hands of the South Kurdistan authorities.

KDP officials have made no statement about why the diplomats had been arrested in the first place, and are giving no information about the ongoing detention of Cihad Hesen.

After 50 days, PYD members Mistefa Osman Xelîl and Mistefa Eziz Mistê were released, apparently without being brought to court, as the accusation against them could not be proven.

Autonomous Administration representatives in South Kurdistan are trying to find out why Cihad Hesen has not been released, but so far have learned nothing.