Cemil Bayık: What Kurds gained was thanks to 15 August Initiative

In the second part of the interview Bayık spoke about the multi-faceted genocide policy carried out in Bakur by Turkey, but especially in the Botan region, the attacks on women and the anniversary of the 15 August Initiative.

Speaking in a special program broadcast on Stêrk TV, KCK Executive Council co-chair Cemil Bayık made important evaluations regarding the current political developments.

In the second part of the interview Bayık spoke about the multi-faceted genocide policy carried out in Bakur by Turkey, but especially in the Botan region and the attacks on women.

In your previous interview, you pointed out that a multi-faceted genocide policy is being carried out in Bakur, but especially in the Botan region. We saw that harassment and rape incidents have been on the agenda more frequently. Why all these sexual assaults?

The Turkish state is currently carrying out a genocidal policy against the Kurdish people. It does not hide this. In fact, the AKP-MHP fascist alliance maintain its power through this. If they don't get results here, they won’t be able to stay in power. Their power is indeed getting weaker. They now represent an elite. In the past, their base was wide, but that base has become very narrow. Those who sticks to the AKP-MHP do so for their political interests. That's why they insist on Kurdish genocide to stand in power.

Conscience, ethic, humanity, devotion to its values ​​and culture are strong in Kurdish society. Therefore, the enemy does not get easy results. That is why they want to destroy the Kurdish society and make Kurds slaves and Kurdistan their land. They attack women, children, young people, their political will and their land. They force the Kurdish people to migrate, set their mountains on fire, plunder their graves, that is, they attack whatever is Kurdish and related to Kurdistan. Of course, these attacks mostly target women and children. Because women have become the engine of the free future. They develop freedom and democracy. That's why they attack women. They rape, arrest, kill them, and even some figures open cafes and force young Kurdish women into prostitution. They want to use their will by breaking women and turn them into agents.

Women oppose fascism, occupation, oppression and slavery, they represent freedom, democracy and life. The AKP-MHP fascist government stands against them. Islam attacks the people under the name of Turkishness. So this is part of the Turkish state's genocide policy. Who are the people who carry out this policy in Kurdistan? They are police, soldiers, officers, village guards, governors, and some people working under the name of religion. All of them carry out this policy in an organized and conscious manner. Women, in particular, oppose genocide, represent national unity, democracy and freedom, and strike fascism. They make everyone understand the AKP-MHP reality. Therefore, women and young people are targeted the most.

Our people should take a strong stance against this policy. Recently, in Şırnak, young people rebelled against this policy, I congratulate them. However, other cities also had to revolt against it. In the past, sexual assaults against women have been the cause of rebellion. If you defend your homeland, your land, you can defend yourself.

The Kurdish people should not live with this state and its institutions. The institutions of this state, the military, the MIT, the village guard, the police, the governor and the district governor all want to destroy the Kurdish people. If they strengthen the struggle, the weakened AKP-MHP government cannot remain in power.

The anniversary of the 15 August Initiative is approaching. For 36 years, commander Egîd and his fighters have been resisting in the mountains of Kurdistan. What does the 15 August Initiative, which resurrected a people who were about to perish 36 years ago, mean today?

I pay tribute to Engin Sincer, Sinane Sor and all the martyrs of freedom with respect in the person of commander Egîd, the leading figure of the 15 August Initiative. We made a big promise to our martyrs. We act standing by that promise. Today, those who resist in Heftanin are doing that. They are inspired by Kurdish heroes, such as Egîd. They write epics. Whatever the Kurdish people have gained, they have gained it thanks to the 15 August Initiative. With the 15 August Initiative, many breakthroughs come around, a revolution developed within the revolution. There were social, cultural, women's and national revolutions. There were great changes in the Kurdish society. We did what was done in 100 years in the world in a short time.

If there is a struggle in all parts of Kurdistan, if national unity is developed among the Kurds, it is thanks to that Initiative. That's why the 15 August Initiative is a big initiative not only for Bakur but for the whole Middle East and humanity. Therefore, today the PKK, Rêber Apo [Abdullah Ocalan] and Kurds have become a hope for humanity. This Initiative did not develop so easily. It developed with very hard and great efforts. Everyone thought this initiative would end within 24 hours, but it continued to this day. It also reached such a stage that there was hope for humanity.

Rêber Apo has made great efforts in the 15 August Initiative. Everyone should understand this well. Rêber Apo developed this Initiative amid many shortages. In this initiative, the effort of the wise Egîd was also great. Because he was the commander who put this initiative into practice. Our people should never forget the labor of Rêber Apo, Egîd and the martyrs.

The guerrilla struggle and the martyrdoms were never in vain. They achieved their purpose. Nobody can deny this. These heroes made sacrifices not for themselves but for the Kurdish people. In this way, the Kurdish people were recognized and respected all over the world. This is the proof that the Kurdish people won thanks to the guerrilla.

Today, the guerrillas in Heftanin are carrying out their resistance for the Kurdish people and humanity. That's why the guerrilla is successful. Nobody can prevent the guerrilla movement, those who say this are delusional. In the past, they were saying that they will finish the guerrilla, destroy it, but every time they say it, the guerrilla got stronger and bigger. There has been hope for humanity and this hope is growing day by day.