At least 368 workers died from coronavirus in Turkey

İSİG announced that at least 368 workers died in the 8-month period of the epidemic in Turkey.

The Occupational Health and Safety Committee (İSİG Council) prepared a report on worker deaths during the coronavirus epidemic.

Although the first case was announced on March 11, the report unveiled that radical measures have not been taken for workers' health. Workers revealed that “we became so close to each other in working processes such as production-service, transportation, nutrition, shelter, and working hours are increased, we are stuck in the factory, forced to work outside the job description and got sick. We, the working class, who work in 'closed circuit' faced the epidemic.  Furthermore, workers’ protests have been banned and thousands of our friends were dismissed. In the past 8 months, tens of thousands of workers were infected with Covid-19 disease and dozens of our friends died.”


In the report, which points out that the deaths caused by the epidemic are kept secret, it is stated that at least 368 workers died due to Covid-19 between March 11 and November 10, according to information obtained from local press, colleagues or health organizations.

The report indicates that the highest number of deaths are in the health sector with 141 employees and emphasizes that the highest death toll is in Istanbul with 108 people. According to the report, 25 workers died in Ankara and 21 workers in Amed (Diyarbakır).