Another ill prisoner dies in jail

Abdullah Varışlı, a prisoner suffering from cancer and held in Erzurum Oltu Prison, passed away. He was buried in his hometown, Cizîra Botan.

It was learned that ill prisoner Abdullah Varışlı, who was detained in Erzurum Oltu Prison and had been receiving cancer treatment for years, suffered internal bleeding and was taken to Van Yüzüncü Yıl University Faculty of Medicine.

Varışlı was treated at the hospital but could not be saved. He died on Tuesday.

Varışlı's body was taken by his family on Wednesday and buried in his hometown, the village of Emerînê in Şirnak's Cizîra Botan district.

Prisoners Eksi taken to hospital the day of his release

Ill prisoner Mesut Eksi, who remained in Afyonkarahisar T Type Closed Prison, completed his sentence and was released on Tuesday after 17 years of imprisonment.

The day he was released, he was rushed to Mersin City Hospital for an emergency surgery for a problem in his lungs.