Turkey closes Nûçe Ciwan Agency site once again, new site online

The Youth News Agency (Nûçe Ciwan Agency) once again has been targeted by the Turkish state. The answer from the agency was inmediate: Nuceciwan61 has been replaced by nucecivan62.

In a written statement, Nuçe Ciwan News Agency said: “Nûçe Ciwan Agency (Youth News Agency) continues to void and expose the special war of the occupying Turkish state with its news and reports. For this reason, our website is constantly censored with the illegal decisions of the occupying Turkish law. We want to express once again to our readers and followers that our struggle will continue growing in line with the revolutionary and free press tradition until we defeat occupation and its censorship.”

The ban of nuceciwan61.com site reads: “A protection measure is applied by the Information Technologies and Communication Authority pursuant to the decision dated 06/12/2020 and numbered 2020/4944 by Diyarbakır 1st Criminal Court of Peace about this website (nuceciwan61.com).”

The agency can be reached at its new address nuceciwan62.com