Support for campaigns for Maxime Azadi's freedom grows

Following his arrest in Belgium by the Interpol on the Turkish state’s demand, thousands have joined the campaigns launched online for ANF news director Maxime Demiralp.

ANF News Director Maxime Demiralp (Azadi) was arrested due to Turkey’s extradition demand after being detained in Belgium last week. Campaigns launched over Twitter and Facebook under “Freemaximeazadi” continue. Hundreds of European, Kurdish and Turkish people have shown support.

The petititon launched for Demiralp reached 2500 signatures in the first day. The petition for Demiralp’s release will be submitted to the European Parliament, European Commission and Belgium’s Ministry of Justice and are still open for signatures.

The Solidarity with Maxime Azadi Committee issued a statement yesterday and underlined that the arrest of the Kurdish journalist was anti-democratic and unlawful. The statement said: “Turkey’s Interpol appeal is in strict relation to the news stories he has covered. A journalist being arrested for his news work in a European Union country is shameful for democracy and freedoms. Maxime Demiralp’s arrest is Turkey's extending the pressure over the press into Europe.”