Open debate in Sulaymaniyah underlines role of some media that justify Turkish occupation

An open debate held in Sulaymaniyah underlined that some media outlets make publications legitimizing the occupation of the Turkish state.

An open debate was organised by the Hizbi Zehmetkeşan Party in Sulaymaniyah. The debate was about the duty of the press against occupation.

Bahtiyar Drej, one of the directors of the Hizbi Zehmetkeşan Party, made a short presentation drawing attention to the attacks in the four parts of Kurdistan. He said that the press should not allow massacres.

Drej reacted to the silence of the international community about the attacks carried out by the Turkish state and other mercenary groups, especially al-Nusra and ISIS, which are considered terrorists by the international community.

Drej said that some media outlets played a prominent role in justifying the invasion. "The press has moral and patriotic duties, but unfortunately, some media organizations play a commercial and concealing role rather than fulfilling their duty against occupation and massacres," said Hewjin Mele Emin, a lecturer at Sülaymaniyah University.

"The people should not remain silent against this. The people should not believe the press," added Emin.

The participants added that media organizations are trying to prevent people from reacting and legitimize the occupation.