Matej Kavčič receives consular assistance from Germany

Slovenian journalist Matej Kavčič, who was arrested together with Marlene Förster in northern Iraq two weeks ago, is receiving consular assistance from Germany, according to the Federal Foreign Office, in response to a question from MP Gökay Akbulut.

Two media workers, Marlene Förster from Germany and Matej Kavčič from Slovenia, were arrested two weeks ago in the Yazidi region of Şengal in northern Iraq. After days of uncertainty, it turned out that Marlene Förster had been taken to Badgad and was being held in a solitary cell at the headquarters of the Iraqi intelligence service. There was still no trace of her colleague Matej Kavčič. Meanwhile, it became known that Germany has also taken over his consular care. This was revealed in the Foreign Office's response to a question by left-wing MP Gökay Akbulut.

In her answer of May 4, State Secretary Susanne Baumann stated: "The Federal Foreign Office immediately sought consular access to Ms. Marlene F. from the Iraqi authorities. A consular detention visit was able to take place on 28 April.

Since Germany has taken over consular care of the Slovenian national Mr. Matej K. in application of the EU Consular Directive, the Federal Foreign Office is also endeavoring to arrange a detention visit with him. In order to protect the rights of the persons concerned, the Federal Government cannot provide any information on further details of the arrest or the charges."