Lawyers finally meet with journalist Silêman Ehmed after 211 days without news

Lawyer Beşdar Hasan was able to meet with journalist Silêman Ehmed, who was kidnapped by KDP forces, after 211 days. He said that the journalist's condition was good, and that Ehmed wanted the public pressure to continue.


After 211 days incommunicado, Rojnews' Arabic editor, Silêman Ehmed, was allowed to see his lawyer. The journalist was kidnapped by KDP-affiliated forces at the Sêmalka Border Gate while returning from Aleppo to South Kurdistan on 25 October 2023. Ehmed's lawyer managed to meet with him in Duhok public order offices. Ehmed also had a 2-minute phone call with his family in Northern and Eastern Syria.

Making a statement about the meeting, Beşdar Hasan, one of Silêman Ehmed's lawyers, said that they had a meeting with the Duhok Investigation Court and the Duhok Public Security Directorate, thanks to an appointment made by the President of the Human Rights Institution, Muna Yaqub, and the General Director of Human Relations of the Human Rights Institution, Silêman Muhsin.

‘Public pressure must continue'

Hasan, together with the other lawyers, Rêvîng Yasin, Kameran Sarmemî and Rêbaz Wisû, of Silêman Ehmed Defense Group, said about the meeting they held with the relevant institutions: "Following the meeting, we were able to see Silêman Ehmed in a room. During the meeting, Ehmed conveyed his special greetings to everyone who made an effort for him, especially Rojnews journalists. Ehmed also expressed his gratitude to all organizations, journalists, unions and patriots who participated in the freedom campaign carried out for him. We were very happy to see that he was healthy. He stated that his only request was to continue public pressure until he was released."

'Not a single piece of evidence of crime'

Hasan said that the journalist was accused of "endangering national security", which is Article 1 of Law No. 21 enacted by the Kurdistan Region Parliament in 2003, and that the prosecutor continued to detain him for this reason. Hasan said: "However, not a single piece of evidence has been produced regarding this alleged crime for 7 months. We obtained the necessary power to represent him. Then, we met with the Duhok Public Order Review Court. They stated that their doors are open to us."

'The court day will be the day he will be released'

Lawyer Hasan said that they will continue their efforts to present the Silêman Ehmed file to the court in a very short time, and added: "To put it plainly, the day Silêman Ehmed will be brought to court will be the day he will be released. We want to give the good news of his release as soon as possible. Not a single piece of evidence has been produced regarding the alleged crime. During the interrogation process, it was revealed that he went to Rojava officially and returned to South Kurdistan. It has also been officially documented that he has a residence permit in the Kurdistan Region."