Lawyer not allowed to visit journalist Ahmet Şık in prison

Journalist Ahmet Şık was denied access to his lawyer in Metris Prison where he is kept, on the grounds that there was no recording equipment available.

Journalist Ahmet Şık for Cumhuriyet daily who was recently arrested due to his social media posts has been denied visit by his lawyer in Metris Prison where he is kept.

Lawyer Can Atalay went to the prison for a visit to his client yesterday but the prison administration rejected his request, saying: “We don't have recording equipment and system available at the moment. Therefore, the visitation will not be allowed.”

Lawyer Atalay has also received the same answer from the prison administration today.

He said: "They want to record our conversation during the visitation in accordance with the Decree No. 657 but Ahmet Şık cannot be treated within the scope of this decree. The situation is, therefore, unacceptable."

The lawyer stated that journalist Şık will be referred to Silivri Prison today.

Issued on July 23, the Decree No. 657 allows authorities to record the conversations between arrestees and lawyers while these have to be kept confidential in relation with the right to defense. It is also allowed to confiscate the notes taken by lawyers during visitations.