KDP detains another journalist

KDP continues its repression against journalists in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

The security forces of the KDP, the ruling party of the Barzanis in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, raided the house of journalist Umid Beroshki in Duhok in the morning and detained him. No information is yet available about the reason for Beroshki's detention and his aftermath.

Journalist Beroshki was arrested and sentenced to 1 year and 7 months in prison on 19 August 2020 in Duhok while covering a protest by teachers who were not paid their salaries. Beroshki was released on 22 February 2022.

Journalists under pressure like never before

In the meantime, there is still no news from Silêman Ahmed, the editor of Rojnews Arabic Service, who was abducted by KDP forces at the Semalka (Faysh Khabur, Kr: Pêşxabûr) crossing point on the Iraqi-Syrian border on 25 October. The journalist was returning to South Kurdistan from Aleppo, where he had gone on 1 October to visit his family. No news has been received from him for 121 days now.

On 5 February, journalist Diyako Hüseyin was detained by KDP security forces while he was doing his job in Hewlêr (Erbil) and was released later.

Journalist and activist Şêrwan Şêrwanî from Behdinan was arrested on 16 February 2021 along with several activists and journalists on charges of undermining national security and sentenced to prison terms. The Kurdistan Region Court of Appeal upheld Şêrwan Şêrwanî's 2-year prison sentence on 7 February with a majority vote of 5 members. Şêrwan Şêrwanî will remain in prison for 2 more years.