Journalists in Shengal call for measures against Turkish attacks

Journalists and media organisations in Shengal condemned the latest attack by the occupying Turkish state on a vehicle of free press employees and demanded measures to ensure the safety of journalists.

The vehicle of journalists who went to Til Qeseb town of Shengal to conduct interviews on the 10th anniversary of the 3 August 2014 genocide was attacked in the centre of Shengal on their way back on 8 July. Çira TV reporter Medya Hasan Kemal, Çira FM reporter Murat Mirza Ibrahim and vehicle driver Xelef Xidir, along with 3 other people who were at the scene and whose identities have not been identified, were injured in the attack. 

Journalists and media workers in Shengal issued a statement calling on the relevant parties to take the necessary measures to protect journalists.

"As journalists in Shengal, we strongly condemn the attack on the press vehicle of the Çıra TV crew. This attack against humanitarian and moral values targeted the free press, threatening the safety of journalists who have the sacred duty of bringing the truth to the people,” said the statement.

“Journalists and reporters need to be protected in the fulfilment of their duties. We call on the relevant parties to take appropriate measures for the safety of journalists. On the other hand, we call for a swift and transparent investigation into the incident and demand that the perpetrators be brought to justice and sentenced,” the statement added.

The statement concluded: “Attacks against journalists are against freedom of thought and the right to information within the scope of human rights. We hereby declare that we will stand against all forms of violence and terrorism against journalists. Together, let us strengthen press freedom and the protection of journalists around the world."