Journalist Ahmet Şık jailed for “terrorist propaganda” on social media

Journalist Ahmet Şık who was detained yesterday on the grounds of his social media posts, has been formally arrested.

Journalist Ahmet Şık was taken into custody by police yesterday within the scope of an investigation launched by Istanbul Public Prosecutor's Office. Şık was referred to Çağlayan Courthouse earlier today and then formally arrested for “spreading propaganda for a terrorist organization” in the vening.

It is reported that Şık did not answer the prosecutor's questions, saying: “Journalism cannot be investigated like this. What was done 5 years ago is being repeated today.”

Şık was questioned in connection with his tweets which said:

"They preferred to murder Tahir Elçi than to arrest him. You are a mafia, a bunch of murderers.",

"Why would those -who believe the state has started a war to hinder the investigation of the crimes that turned it into a mafia- not believe that the state would detonate bombs?"

"You take umbrage when it is said that the state is a murderer".

In March, 2011, Ahmet Şık got arrested in connection with his yet unpublished book "The Army of the Imam" which handles the Fethullah Gülen movement's organization within the state. The book was later published with the name "Whoever touches gets burnt".