HPG hit Turkish forces in Barzan

Turkish occupying forces were hit in Barzan by HPG guerrillas.

The HPG press centre released a press statement on the guerrillas' latest actions in the region of Barzan.

Here is the full statement:

"Within the scope of the Martyr Pîroz and Martyr Agirî Revolutionary campaign, on July 16, around 19.30, our forces carried out an action against a unit of the invading Turkish army out on the field near the Bayrak hill in Southern Kurdistan’s Barzan region.

Four enemy soldiers were identified killed in this enemy unit hit effectively in close range.

Within the scope of the Martyr Delal Amed and Besta Martyrs Revolutionary Campaign, on July 14, around 05.00 hours, our forces carried out an action against the natural gas distribution network between Mardin’s Midyat and Kerboran (Dargeçit) districts, and the distribution network was destroyed as a result of the action."