HPG guerrillas: We have the strength and means to resist the attacks of the Turkish army

HPG guerrillas continued their resistance against the Turkish state's attacks on the Medya Defense Areas and said: "Everyone should know that we have the strength and the means to resist the brutal attacks of the Turkish army."

HPG guerrillas told ANF about the resistance against the invasion attacks of the Turkish state.

Zerdeşt Zinar said that they are struggling against the enemy with great efforts and added: "I believe that there has never been such a resistance in history. We are resisting an invading army, this army's brutality and chemical weapons. Everyone should know that we also have the power and capacity to resist such attacks. However, our people should also fight harder to break the silence of the international community about the use of chemical weapons.

The invading Turkish army uses many chemical weapons to destroy us. So far, relevant institutions have remained silent. Of course, silence also means cooperation. Many areas in Medya Defense Areas were devastated by chemical weapons. Nature is being destroyed in Kurdistan. Tens of thousands of trees are cut down, but there is no reaction from anyone. Isn't all this against international law?”

Guerrilla Zinar continued: “As HPG guerrillas, we are ready for any task requested from us. Neither the most brutal attacks nor international cooperation will stand in our way. Our duty is to resist the fascist and genocidal system and to protect the Kurdish people. The duty of our people is to raise the bar of resistance in every field. The rebellion of the Kurdish people throughout history needs to be further enlarged in this period. There are so many policies of oppression and genocide being carried out in North Kurdistan, but our people still show their commitment to their cause. The Kurdish people should know that they are on the verge of freedom."

Areas of resistance turned into areas of defeat for the Turkish state

Guerrilla Aram Hêvi referred to the special war operations of the pro-government media.

He said that the Turkish state's invasion operations of Bakur and Bashur in 2021 have been completely foiled and added: "Guerrillas are waging a major war in the South and North of Kurdistan. Many operations in the North have been blocked. The Turkish army in the South has been fighting for more than 7 months with the support of the international community. But it failed. They killed our comrades in Mam Reşo, Zendura, Werxelê, Girê Sor and Girê Qertal with chemical weapons. All our commanders turned the resistance areas into areas where the Turkish army was defeated.