House arrest for four journalists

Four of the journalists, who were taken into custody in Izmir and referred to the Criminal Judgeship of Peace with a request for arrest, were placed under house arrest and judicial control measures.

Mezopotamya Agency (MA) journalists Semra Turan, Delal Akyüz and Tolga Güney, JinNews journalist Melike Aydın, Newspaper Duvar journalist Cihan Başakçıoğlu and Peoples' Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party) press worker Fatma Funda, were taken into custody during a house raid in Izmir on 13 February.

The journalists, who were referred to the Izmir Bayraklı Courthouse Criminal Court of Peace on Duty with a request for arrest, were detained as the result of statements by a secret witness as well as the news they made and the telephone conversations they had with news sources.

The journalists were accused of "membership in a terrorist organisation", an accusation they rejected, saying that they were just carrying out their work.

Following their statements on Friday, the Criminal Judgeship of Peace on Duty released Semra Turan and Cihan Başakçıoğlu on judicial control, while Delal Akyüz, Melike Aydın, Tolga Güney and Fatma Funda Akbulut were given house arrest.

TGS: judicial control has turned into punishment

The Turkish Journalists Union (TGS) protested the house arrest decision and issued a statement titled "Judicial control turned into punishment" in which it said: "Our colleagues who were detained during a house raid in Izmir on Tuesday were released under judicial control by the criminal judgeship of peace to which they were referred with a request for arrest. Melike Aydın, Delal Akyüz and Tolga Güney, were ordered not to leave their houses, while Cihan Başakçıoğlu and Semra Turan, were ordered to report and sign to the police station. This treatment given to journalists accused of their professional activities is unacceptable!"