Hewler journalists demand the immediate release of Zuber Bradosti

For more than two weeks, critical journalist Zuber Bradosti has been detained in southern Kurdistan without any legal basis. His colleagues demand the immediate release of the RojNews correspondent.

On July 21, critical journalist Zuber Bradosti of RojNews agency was arrested by security forces of the ruling KDP in Sidekan, southern Kurdistan. Since then, the RojNews correspondent has been detained in Hewlêr (Erbil) without any legal basis. While what Bradosti is accused of, is still unclear, colleagues call for his immediate release.

“Journalists arrested without a court order”

"The detention of journalist Zuber Bradosti has no legal basis whatsoever. It looks like that the Asayish forces in Kurdistan Region do not allow the cases of journalists to be heard at courts. Journalists are getting arrested without a court order. We condemn the detention of journalists with such a repression and demand their trial in pursuant of laws,” said Hêriş Qadir, Hewlêr correspondent of the Sulaymaniyah-based NRT TV.

Not the first arrest

KNN TV Hewlêr Administrator Hejar Enwer said the following; “For more than a decade, political parties in the autonomous Kurdistan region have been directly involved in the arrest of journalists. In the person of Zuber Bradosti, journalists are arrested, stigmatized and persecuted by political parties. Zuber Bradosti did nothing that was out of line with the journalistic tasks. However, there have been such cases before in Hewlêr and Dihok. Journalists were not only forcibly detained but also killed. While journalists who endanger the security of this region every day by spreading false information are generously tolerated by the KDP, the governing party is against such colleagues who practice their profession and provide the public with true information.”