HDP celebrates journalists pursuing truth on World Press Freedom Day

Celebrating World Press Freedom Day, the HDP said: "Journalism in Turkey has turned into a profession equivalent to risking death, arrest and unemployment."

HDP Press, Broadcasting and Propaganda Commission co-chair, Tayip Teme,l celebrated the World Press Freedom Day with a written statement.

Temel said: "18 years ago 3 May was declared World Press Freedom Day. Turkey has gradually moved away from freedom of the press in these 18 years. Journalism in Turkey has turned into a profession equivalent to risking death, arrest, unemployment and many other violations."

The statement added: "Today, Turkey ranks 153rd among 180 countries listed in the World Press Freedom Index of Journalists Without Borders (RSF). As in all authoritarian countries, Turkey is also notorious for torture, human rights violations, war crimes, corruption, femicide, work related deaths, Silencing the press is the only way to cover up all these crimes.”

Temel continued: “Only two days ago, on Workers’ Day we saw the torture against those who wanted to celebrate May Day, despite the unlawful police circulars. Journalists who seek the truth and tell facts were there. The hope of the peoples of Turkey are journalists who report the truth, question the results of cross-border operations, do not remain silent to torture and civilian deaths, report on poverty, poverty-induced suicides, and bring the pandemic reality to the surface. As long as they write and report, we will know facts and ask for an account.

Happy Press Freedom Day for press workers who do not give up despite all threats."