Free Journalists Initiative releases monthly report

There are currently 192 journalists in Turkish jails.

Özgür Gazeteciler İnisiyatifi (ÖGİ), the Free Journalists Initiative has disclosed on Sunday the May report.

As a comment on this month report, which once again saw many violations of press freedom, ÖGİ pointed out that the AKP is against democracy and freedom and reminded of the attacks against free press.

“Free press naturally means democracy and freedom, but in this country these two fundamental concepts are constantly being attacked. The last major assault on free press was actually during the last election. This assault is still going on and it is carried out against the free press. The number of Özgür Gazeteciler İnisiyatifi journalist members is on the increase. Today we have 70 members in jail, out of a total of 192 journalists behind bars”.

Some highlights from the report:

192 journalists in jail

6 journalists taken into custody

4 journalists remanded in custody

37 journalists have seen files opened against them

1 journalist has been investigated

25 journalists tried

3 journalists were sentenced to 14 years 1 month 22 days imprisonment

1 journalist was battered.

ÖGİ, condemning the attacks on the press, demanded freedom for the jailed journalists.