Duhok Public Order Forces don't allow lawyer to visit RojNews journalist Ehmed

Duhok Public Order Forces are preventing lawyers from visiting RojNews journalist Silêman Ehmed, who is being held in custody by KDP forces for 30 days. It was learned that Ehmed's file is in the hands of KDP intelligence service, Parastin.

There has been no news from RojNews editor Silêman Ehmed, who was kidnapped by KDP forces from the Sêmelka Border Gate 30 days ago while trying to cross from Rojava to South Kurdistan. Despite all requests and applications, the KDP prevents lawyers from meeting with Silêman Ehmed and examining the file against him.

Neriman Ahmet, one of Silêman Ehmed's lawyers, told RojNews: “We have been trying to follow Silêman Ehmed's file and learn its content since the day he was kidnapped. For this reason, we applied to Duhok General Public Order Office. At first, they denied that Ehmed was detained by them and rejected our request for a visit. We confirmed the information that the journalist had indeed been taken into custody by the Duhok Public Order Office. However, this time our meetings were blocked due to the ongoing investigation.”

Lawyer Ahmet added that it was against the law to prevent them from meeting their client and said: “The law said that every suspect has the right to call his lawyer while in custody or during the investigation. However, what has happened so far is a clear violation of the law."

Lawyer Ahmet said that after the Public Order Forces prevented them from meeting with their client, they applied to the Duhok Public Order Judgeship, and that this accepted their request for a visit. This decision was reported to the General Public Order Office, but despite this, they were once again prevented from meeting with Silêman Ehmed.

Lawyer Ahmet said: “According to the information we obtained from a private source, the file against Silêman Ehmed is under the control of Parastin, the intelligence agency of the KDP. We, as defense group, will continue to pursue all legal remedies.”