Censorship in Turkey: JinNews website blocked

The website of the news agency JinNews has been blocked in Turkey following a decision by the telecommunications authority.

Repression against the free press in Turkey continues. The AKP/MHP regime has blocked the website of the women's news agency JinNews. The ban was grounded on the verdict issued by the 2nd Magistrates' Court of Peace of Van dated 22/10/2020.

The Turkish Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) has blocked JinNews in Turkey ten times in the past.

The all-female agency's journalists and editors are repeatedly subjected to legal actions and imprisoned. The agency’s use of the images of Kurdish leader Abdullah Ocalan or pictures of fallen members of the Women's Defense Units YPJ and the description of the attacks on Afrin as an occupation are interpreted as criminal offences.

By eliminating the free press, the Turkish regime is trying to impose a rule over information and thus over public opinion.