Özgür Gündem journalist murdered 28 years ago commemorated in Urfa

Özgür Gündem Newspaper Urfa Representative Kemal Kılıç was murdered by the Turkish state 28 years ago.

Özgür Gündem Newspaper Urfa Representative Kemal Kılıç, who was murdered by the Turkish state 28 years ago, was commemorated at his grave.

The commemoration was held in the Abdurrahman Dede Neighborhood Cemetery in the Eyyubiye district of Urfa.

Kemal Kılıç, born in 1963, was detained by three people in Urfa on February 18, 1993. According to the statements of witnesses, Kılıç resisted the attackers who killed him and escaped. The murderers were not found and thus remained unpunished.

Dicle Fırat Journalists Association (DFG) Co-chair Serdar Altan, Kılıç's family and colleagues, Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) MP Ayşe Sürücü and the provincial and district administrators of the party attended the commemoration held at the grave of Kılıç.

Speaking at the commemoration, Ayşe Sürücü commemorated the murdered press workers. Sürücü said that Kılıç became a symbol in Urfa and that the journalists are following in his footsteps.

DFG Co-chair Serdar Altan said, "Kemal was neither the first nor the last. The struggle continues and will continue. The oppression is continuing in every way. Against this, the struggle is continuing, too. We will fight until the end."

The commemoration event ended after leaving carnations on Kılıç's grave.