170 journalists behind bars in Turkey

According to the Free Journalists Initiative, 41 journalists were detained in Turkey in March. There are 170 journalists in Turkish prisons.

The Free Journalists Initiative (Özgür Gazeteciler İnisiyatifi, ÖGI) published a review of the situation of press freedom in March in Turkey. Accordingly, in March, 170 journalists remained in Turkish prisons. 41 were detained and 83 appeared in court.

The monthly balance of the initiative is usually presented at a press conference in Amed (Diyarbakir). Due to the raids on the daily newspaper Özgürlükçü Demokrasi and the printing house Gün, the press conference was relocated to Istanbul this month and took place in the office of the Human Rights Association IHD.

Hakki Boltan, spokesman for the initiative, told that the repression of media workers has continued to increase. The Turkish government does not tolerate the dissent, Boltan said, and added; "We will continue to defend the right to freedom of information. The truth will never surrender before the lie."

The March balance sheet includes the following:

170 journalists are in prison.

41 journalists were taken into custody.

Two journalists were arrested.

Lawsuit was filed against three journalists.

83 journalists stood trial.

Thirty journalists were sentenced to a total of 178 years and four months imprisonment.

Trustee was appointed to a newspaper and a printing house.

Some columns of a journalist were censored.

The media group Doğan was sold.

The Internet was put under the control of the regulatory authority RTÜK by law.

A newspaper was blocked by Information and Communication Technologies Authority 12 times.