“Sochi didn’t succeed, it’s just that the weapons are hidden”

Ebu Omer Idlibi said the Idlib deal struck in Sochi hasn’t succeeded: “Turkey and Russia act like they are fulfilling the terms of the Sochi deal. Turkish intelligence is murdering those who don’t accept Sochi.”

Commander General for Liwa Shimal Demokratik, SDF constituent and local force from Idlib, Ebu Omer Idlibi spoke to the ANF about whether the Sochi deal has succeeded.


Ebu Omer Idlibi, who fought against the regime and ISIS in Idlib along with his forces until 2014, said the following:

“The Idlib territory was one of the first cities to rise up against the dictatorial regime when the revolution started in 2011. The people of Idlib have been suffering since the revolution first started. When they rose up for revolution and serhildan, their goal was democracy and freedom. Unfortunately the regime used intense violence, and the struggle was forced to evolve into an armed struggle. That was received well by Turkey. They placed many terrorist groups in Idlib and fed them. Turkey and Qatar have always offered material support to these gang groups. The forces who truly wanted democracy were removed from Idlib and disbanded. Idlib was turned into a gang central at the hands of Turkey. The people of Idlib who rose up in 2011 for a revolution demanding democracy and freedom have been victimized since 2012 to date. Regime violence, gang violence and all the pressure has weakened the people of Idlib.”


Omer Idlibi said during the development of the Idlib revolution, they saw that the Turkish state approached the Syrian revolution in a self-seeking manner.

Idlibi said the democratic forces in Idlib were eliminated by the terrorist groups on Turkey’s orders and were removed from the city:

“We and some forces like us fighting under different names were removed from Idlib in 2014 by terrorist forces. Jabhat Al Nusra attacked us as we were fighting the regime and ISIS. They proceeded to disband our forces because we fought ISIS and we were against putting the revolution on a jihadist path.

Turkey used to help all groups. But they stopped supporting us when we didn’t accept a jihadist revolution. When we continued to fight ISIS, all terrorists came together under Turkey’s orders and attacked us. We were forced to leave Idlib.”


Ebu Omer Idlibi said they have objected to the Sochi deal put together by Turkey, Russia and Iran from the beginning and continued:

“We objected because we knew that this alliance would not end well for the peoples of Syria and Idlib. This deal was made only for Russia’s and Turkey’s interests.

On the other hand, we knew that Turkey wouldn’t be able to fulfill the requirements of the Sochi alliance. We are always in contact with the patriotic people of Idlib. They say requirements for the demilitarized zone haven’t been met. Jabhat Al Nusra and other gangs under Turkey’s control have only hidden their heavy weapons.”


Idlibi said Turkey and Russia act like they are fulfilling the requirements of Sochi, while the MİT carries out assassinations against HTS commanders in a message for Russia:

“Recently the groups there have been clashing among themselves and killing some commanders. Turkish intelligence assassinates HTS commanders and tells Russia that they are trying to disband the HTS, that they are fighting them. But we know that Turkey’s goal is not to eliminate terrorist groups. They have used the groups many times, and they will continue to do so. Some have already been moved to Afrin. But whoever doesn’t accept the Sochi deal, they get killed. This might go on for a while longer. But I can safely say that the Turkish state has no intention to leave Idlib. They absolutely want to be permanent in Idlib, Afrin and Shehba. For that, they will try to pull any and all kind of tricks.”