SDF forces 2 km from Raqqa

SDF fighters cleared the village of Sahlabiya northwest of Raqqa and clashes continue in the town of Hamrat Nasır. 31 ISIS members were killed in two days of clashes.

YPG-led Syrian Democratic Forces' Operation Wrath of Euphrates continues in its fourth phase.

The Wrath of Euphrates fighters had paused their advance for the last few days due to a strong sand storm in the area, but yesterday evening they resumed their advance towards Raqqa. The fighters then liberated the village of Sahlabiya Xerbi northwest of Raqqa from ISIS.

On the eastern front, clashes continue in the town of Hamrat Nasır, a part of which was cleared of ISIS yesterday. SDF fighters have also besieged the Hamrat al-Belsim village close to the town.

During the last two days of clashes, 31 ISIS members were killed and corpses of 11 remained in SDF possession. SDF fighters also seized some arms during the search and sweep operations in Sahlabiya Sharqi and Xerbi villages.

With the liberation of these two villages, SDF fighters are only 2 km away from Raqqa city center now.