PKK calls for struggle in the line of victory

PKK Central Committee has held its annual regular meeting. The PKK called on all party members and people to the correct party line and patriotism and to mobilize to organize in all areas and fight in the line of victory.

Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) Central Committee has held its annual regular meeting. The statement they issued includes the following:

“As the PKK Cenral Committee, we have successfully held our annual regular meeting on October 20 to 28. Our meeting started with a salute to the heroic struggle our people have waged with the lead of Abdullah Öcalan and to the Raqqa victory, and a commemoration of all our heroic martyrs from Haki Karer to Berçem Cilo with respect and gratitude. We have extensively discussed for 9 days all political, military, ideological and organizational issues in the historic process we are experiencing, reaching important decisions that foresee carrying our struggle for freedom and democracy to victory, and thus have achieved a reiteration of the Apoist victory line in greeting the 40th official year of the PKK.

Without a doubt, the issue the Central Committee meeting primarily focused on the most has been the total fascist-genocidal war the AKP-MHP fascism has waged against Leader Abdullah Öcalan and our people, and the total revolutionary-democratic resistance we have displayed against it as the Leader, the guerrilla, the women, the youth and the people in general. On this basis, our meeting has greeted the struggle for democratic autonomy in the line of heroism from the Cizre and Sur resistances in Bakurê Kurdistan and Turkey, and has stated that the AKP-MHP fascism is at its historic weakest despite all their vile practices, and they are on the verge of falling. As such, we have foreseen that this fortieth year will be the time the AKP-MHP fascism falls and is discarded, Turkey is democratized, Kurdistan is freed and Leader Abdullah Öcalan achieves conditions where he can live and work free.


Our Central Committee meeting started with a salute to the people of Rojava Kurdistan and all Syrian people’s historic Raqqa victory, the heroic struggle waged against the fascist ISIS gangs by the peoples of Syria led by the Syrian Democratic Forces and the democratic construction efforts in the Northern Syrian Federation. Pointing out that the Kurdish-Arab relationship that developed on the basis of the fraternity of peoples plays a leading and exemplary role in overcoming the nation state status quo in the region and achieve the Democratic Middle Eastern Revolution, we have stressed the historical significance of the democratic unity of all the peoples of the Middle East. We have stressed that the democratic confederalism project based on democratic autonomy is the force of solution for all the issues in the region, and have stated our strong belief that the peoples of Syria will achieve a victory against Al Qaeda and the AKP-MHP fascism similar to what they have achieved against ISIS fascism.


Without a doubt, one of the most important issues the Central Committee meeting has discussed has been the developments in Bashurê (Southern) Kurdistan and Iraq. We pointed out once more that it can clearly be seen that the colonialist states are acting together in the Kurdish issue, and stressed that the latest attacks on Bashurê Kurdistan have been planned and prepared, and that the Turkish state has played a determining role in them. We have questioned the harm caused by the KDP-AKP relationship to the Kurds and other peoples and the failure of the KDP’s statist-nationalist line in governing society, and underlined once more that the latest developments have shown once more that the nationalist-statist line represented by the KDP is continuously defeated while the democratic autonomy and democratic confederalism line represented by the PKK has continued to achieve success. We have pointed out that the people of Bashurê Kurdistan who have always been part of the struggle are not obliged to comply with such practices, and stressed that the right line that has brought the PKK success will also lead Bashurê Kurdistan in the coming process and that the people of Bashur and particularly our Êzidî Kurdish people are not alone. We celebrated their victory in Shengal and expressed our strong faith that the Êzidî Kurdish people will achieve a democratic autonomous administration.


Our Central Committee meeting has also saluted the stance and support for struggles in other parts by the people of Rojhilat and has particularly pointed out that at such a critical point, the Rojhilat freedom forces must be hyper aware and cautious, ready for any and all struggle at all times. We have stated that the conflict in Iraq hasn’t been resolved and will continue, and that will include Iran as well. We have stressed that the revolutionary stance in Rojhilat and being prepared will lead to great gains in the coming period. We have also saluted our people abroad being in a constant state of action supporting the struggle for freedom in four parts of Kurdistan and demanding Leader Abdulah Öcalan’s freedom.


Our Central Committee has stressed the importance of a Kurdistan National Congress once more in the historic process we are experiencing, and has called on all Kurdistanî parties and organizations to participate in the ongoing National Congress efforts. We foresee that in the historic process we are experiencing, to achieve the Democratic Middle Eastern Revolution that will bring freedom for all peoples, relationships in the ‘Democratic Middle East-Free Kurdistan’ line and a joint struggle between the Kurds and Arabs, Kurds and Turks, Kurds and Persians and among all the peoples of the region is necessary. We have stressed that in the centennial anniversary of the October revolution, a greater revolution that will bring freedom and democracy for peoples to be achieved in the Middle East is possible and necessary.

Our Central Committee meeting has questioned the practical efforts of the past year in a critical and self-critical manner in the line of the Leader and martyrs, determined faults and shortcomings and foreseen the necessary adjustments to mentality, ideology and methods in the Apoist line. We have condemned the routine narrow practice approach and the conservative and delaying attitudes incompatible with party discipline. We have stressed the importance of assertive and active approaches to organization and working. We have put forth the necessary views and decisions to adjust and improve our system and style of administration.


Our Central Committee has continued its efforts successfully at the time of the 39th anniversary of the PKK’s founding, and with the results it has achieved has already celebrated the great day of the party for all comrades including Leader Abdullah Öcalan, our people and the revolutionary-democratic humanity. We have thus entered the 40th year of the PKK for our party and our people in a more resolute, planned and prepared manner. As such, we have already guaranteed the expansion of the party, the guerrilla and our struggle for a democratic nation in the 40th year of the PKK. The victory of our struggle for freedom and democracy waged by all our people based on the women’s freedom line and supported by the dynamism of youth has already been ensured. On this basis, we are calling on all party members and our people to correctly embrace the party and patriotism in the Apoist line, to mobilize to organize in all areas and to fight in the line of victory.”