PES: “Turkey should stop the attacks and withdraw from Afrin”

European Socialists Party (PES) has called on the Turkish state to end their vile attacks and withdraw from the vicinity of Afrin.

European Socialists Party (PES) Leadership has issued a written statement today on the Turkish state’s attacks in Afrin where many civilians have also been killed.


The PES statement is as follows:

“This week has marked the tragic anniversary of the Syrian war. It has been 7 years, but the war is still far from over. For more than 50 days now, the Turkish army with support from some jihadist groups has been attacking the Afrin province and the state under Kurdish control, which adds more cases of violence, additional humanitarian concerns and a worry that the negotiations in attempts at a solution will be negatively affected to the current situation.


“We understand Turkey’s need for border security and for ensuring security for citizens living close to the border, but the attacks against the multi-ethnic, autonomous, democratic administration and the civilian population go against all international and humane laws, and are absolutely unacceptable.


“Today we see military activity increase in Afrin, which will cause more violence, more humanitarian catastrophes and more human rights violations, and negatively affect the efforts for a negotiated pace with the delicate balance in the region. As the PES, we repeat that serious numbers of civilian casualties have already been reported, and hundreds of other civilian lives are at risk. We demand full respect to humanitarian law, including the protection of civilians.


“We strongly condemn the Turkish government’s actions in Northern Syria. We demand that they implement UN Resolution NO.2401 in full for humanitarian aid and medical interventions in accordance with international law, for a full and immediate stop to the conflict for at least 30 days by all parties involved. This UN resolution is valid for Afrin and that region as well.


“We are calling on Ankara to stop their attacks and to withdraw from the vicinity of Afrin. Turkey, as one of the guarantors in the Astana process, should play a constructive role in achieving political negotiations that lead to peace in the region, not a role with weapons. We deeply regret the current failure of the peace process in Turkey, and we are calling on all sides to cooperate for a peaceful, sustainable solution and to save lives.”