PAJK Coordination Member Munzur: Guerrilla will not allow the invaders to succeed

"The guerrilla will not allow the invaders to succeed and this resistance will bring the end of the AKP-MHP fascist regime. We have been resisting this brutal, genocidal system for half a century", said PAJK Coordination Member Raperîn Munzur.

The Kurdistan Women’s Liberation Party (PAJK) Coordination Member Raperîn Munzur stated that the guerrilla will not allow the invaders and that their resistance will bring the end of the AKP-MHP fascist regime.

“We have been resisting this brutal, genocidal system for half a century” said PAJK Coordination Member Raperîn Munzur, adding; “We are trying to defend our country and our people and create conditions for living freely”. Munzur emphasized that Turkish society has been stupefied under the influence of fascist-chauvinist propaganda. "It is the biggest weakness for Turkish society that left-wing democratic forces, which are supposed to raise public awareness, do not fulfill their duties sufficiently."

PAJK Coordination Member Raperîn Munzur was interviewed by ANF on the latest invasion campaign of the Turkish state targeting guerrilla-controlled areas in southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Guerrilla's resistance continues against the Turkish state's attacks on the Zap, Metina and Avashin areas. What kind of resistance does the guerrilla display?

First, we would like to remember the heroic martyrs of this great resistance with respect and gratitude. They showed us how to resist, fight, and stand against this murderous enemy. Our duty is to remove this fascist enemy from Kurdistan.

Kurdistan freedom fighters are resisting to protect the existence, land and dignity of the Kurdish people in South Kurdistan as everywhere else. They are waging a great war against the invasion operations in Metina, Zap and Avashin by sacrificing their lives. They are all great heroes. They are self-sacrificing militants devoted to their country and freedom. Such an epic resistance against the brutal and terrible attacks of the Turkish state is the success of militancy developed by Leader Apo (Öcalan). This resistance continues with the power, consciousness and will we receive from Leader Apo.

The Turkish state claims that these attacks carried out within the borders of South Kurdistan (Bashur) target "only the PKK". Some Kurdish circles in Bashur agree with this. Is it true?

It should be stated very clearly that these attacks are aiming to occupy southern Kurdistan. The only force resisting against this is the PKK guerrilla. The main force resisting and standing against occupation and genocide in the north and the south (of Kurdistan) is the PKK. The guerrillas, who continue to protect the soils and gains of Bashur are jeopardizing their lives to halt the genocidal fascist regime and to create freedom for the Kurdish people.

This war is no longer a conflict between the Turkish state and the PKK guerrilla. The Turkish state is trying to expand its borders and occupy other parts of Kurdistan by taking advantage of the conflicts created by the World War III. It tries to portray the occupation attacks and genocide policies as a struggle against the PKK. It tries to terrorize the legitimate struggle of the PKK. These discourses also find a positive response in many circles, including some section of the Turkish people and the Kurdistan Regional Government, which put the blame on the PKK rather than standing against Turkish assaults.

The Turkish state seeks to exterminate the Kurds and seize all areas where Kurds live. It thinks that it is the master and owner of the Kurds. According to the Turkish state’s mentality, the Kurds must be slaves who obey and surrender, or they must be subjected to massacres. We know that the AKP-MHP fascism receives support from many powers.

Let's suppose that Turkey only cares about ending the PKK. Even if so, is it a reason that could be approved or justified? Who is the PKK? Isn't it a party that millions of Kurdish people believe in, follow, join and define as its own identity? Is it not a popular movement with a philosophy of freedom that resists oppression, massacre, occupation and colonialism? Isn't it a movement that bestows dignity on women and enhances their freedom? Isn’t it struggling to defend democracy, freedom, equality, justice and the rights of all the oppressed? Isn’t it the voice of a people whose identity and existence have been shattered? Isn't it the PKK that saved our Yazidi people from ISIS in Shengal while they were facing a massacre and their women were sold in slave markets? Isn't it the self-power of the Kurds, who have defended all of Kurdistan for 40 years and have fought against dishonour and slavery? Aren’t tens of thousands of martyrs and militants the children of this people? Let's suppose that the Turkish state's motive is to destroy the PKK! Is this acceptable? Who approves to kill, purge and destroy millions of people who rise up and protest under the motto "The PKK is the people, the people are here"? Isn't the PKK a movement of Kurdistan? Then it is not possible to accept this discourse and to consider it as normal. It is an enemy mentality to legitimize all kinds of attacks and massacres. It is a fascist mentality. This discourse can never justify the Turkish state's attacks.

We are aware of the occupation and expansion aspirations of the Turkish state. If the PKK does not exist, it will realize this much more easily and quickly. The Turkish state is aggressive because the PKK is an obstacle to it. The Turkish state mobilized ISIS, gave all kinds of support, but could not defeat or destroy the PKK. It employs all diplomatic means, yet it fails. It is trying to poison the world with a terrorist propaganda it disseminates, yet the PKK continues to gain sympathy and support. A people recreated itself and gained a sense of freedom. Nobody can stop this.

What kind of result does the AKP-MHP government expect from this war?

The AKP-MHP regime is fascist, genocidal and anti-Kurdish. It aims to annihilate all the gains of the Kurds. Erdogan’s fascism is very afraid of the Kurdish presence, power and achievements. The Kurdish people's struggle for freedom, their achievements, the growing awareness of struggle and freedom have become the nightmare of this fascism. It cannot tolerate the Kurdish awareness of freedom, their ability to govern themselves, the increase of their friends, and the recognition of their just cause by the world. They carry out their attacks in such a comprehensive way to cover their defeat in Gare.

It has become a tradition to promote nationalism and attack Kurds whenever social reactions increase inside Turkey. The Turkish state constantly plans massacres and invasions to survive. It makes this policy permanent. Erdogan and his fascist colleagues are fed on blood. It is also very clear that they rely their existence on the massacre of the Kurds. In this regard, it is a crime against the Kurdish people that the Kurdish forces in Bashur do not realize this and make different political calculations.

The Turkish state has occupied southern Kurdistan and some parts of Rojava. It is necessary to see that their aim is genocide and occupation. On the other hand, it uses the members of ISIS and other gangs that it has gathered from other places and saved from Syria, settling them in the areas it has occupied. The Erdogan regime continues to feed and use ISIS. It has deployed ISIS gangs in Urfa, Antep, Malatya and many other places and uses them. While all the forces that fight ISIS are supposed to stand against this, they turn a blind eye when it is a matter of Kurds.

What role can the forces of democracy, young people and women play in the face of these attacks by the Turkish state?

Currently, the most resilient circle against fascism is women and the Kurdish people. Women's struggle is really meaningful and powerful. Under the heaviest attacks of fascism, they continue to seek their rights and do not submit. I would like to greet the resistance of Emine Şenyaşar, who has become a symbol, on behalf of our Movement. Her resistance is a meaningful one against the persecution, oppression and massacre policies experienced by the Kurdish people. Everyone should regard it this way and claim it.

Moreover, women's resistance for the Istanbul Convention continues. There is a struggle against daily femicide and violence. It seems that women’s resistance terrifies fascism and reveals its true face.

Even under such terrible oppression and war, the Kurdish people do not surrender; they resist, maintain their faith and strength. Fascism is exposed because we are resisting and fighting. If no one resists, it will manage everything and do whatever it wants. The resistance of the Kurds and women has undermined this government. The Erdogan regime did everything in order to break this resistance and subject the Kurds, the most resilient circle, to a genocide. Even though there is no external force left for him to ask help, he spreads the propaganda of being "local and national" each day. We think he does not realize that these cheap discourses no longer have any acceptation. The sad thing is that Turkish society has become stupefied under the influence of this fascist-chauvinist propaganda. On the other hand, the fact that the left democratic forces, which are supposed to raise public awareness, do not fulfil their duties sufficiently is the biggest weakness for Turkish society.

The revolutionaries, democrats of Turkey should claim the legacy of Deniz, Mahir and Ibrahim and should ally with the struggle of the Kurdish people in such a historic process. They must know that they are responsible for defending the society which is under the attack and oppression of fascism. Our struggle also aims to realize the freedom of Turkish society and to get rid of this fascism. It aims to ensure the freedom of women. All forces for democracy and revolution should fulfill their duties. It is a great weakness to leave the opposition and the defense of the society to the state parties and the system forces.

What should the Kurdish people do at this stage in order to maintain their existence and protect their gains?

Revolutionary people's war is a people's self-defense. It should stand against attacks and be in a position to respond to the occupation and massacre in an organized way. The society needs to organize its life according to war and to assume a position to defend itself. Under attacks and war conditions, no one can have a different job because it is a matter of life and death. What kind of a life can we talk about when we are even physically incapable of living under the threat of massacre and genocide? That is why everyone should organize themselves according to the reality of war and start resistance. It is necessary to see that fascism on the verge of collapse will increase its pressures and attacks more than ever in order to survive. It is essential to be prepared for this.

The guerrilla is already doing its part. It has revealed a great legacy of resistance and strength for the people. The Kurdish people and women have formed an awareness. This war is the people's war of freedom. However, to restrict it to the guerrilla is to ignore responsibilities and to leave it vulnerable. For this reason, there is no question of supporting guerrilla warfare or resistance. Expressions such as 'giving support, standing behind, helping' are wrong. The guerrilla defends Kurdistan and freedom and fights against occupation and fascism. These are tasks that everyone should carry out. This is the resistance of the people. Our people are not supportive, they are the owners of the war. It owns the resistance, which is its main strength. We have to respond to this enemy through a revolutionary people's war. Those who say that we could live if we keep silent and do not resist, are wrong. If there is no freedom, there is no life. Especially the youth should play its pioneering role in a proper way.

The guerrilla struggle waged by the PKK-PAJK brought this regime to the verge of collapse. Those who say "the PKK will be finished off " through the media are those who cannot learn from history. The freedom struggle of this people has overthrown many governments. This Movement is an identity. It is a dream of a people to be free and to organize in the person of the PKK. It is the most honorable war of a society that does not accept slavery, insult and cruelty. It is not possible for anyone to destroy this.

The guerrilla will not allow the invaders and this resistance will bring the end of the AKP-MHP fascist regime. We have been resisting this brutal, genocidal system for half a century. We are trying to defend our country and our people and to create the conditions for a free life.