NCDK releases documentary in memory of Olof Palme

The Kurdish Democratic Community Center Sweden (NCDK) released a video in memory of Olof Palme.

The Kurdish Democratic Society Center-Sweden (Navenda Civaka Demokratîk a Kurd li Swêd- NCDK) has prepared a 25-minute long documentary on the death of Social Democrat prime minister, Olof Palme. Palme was murdered in 1986 and chief prosecutor, Krister Petersson, announced in June that the case was being closed because the main suspect, Stig Engström, died in 2000.

The NCDK had said in a statement that "Palme was a friend of the oppressed people throughout the world, such as in South Africa, the United States, Palestine, Kurdistan, Latin America, Vietnam and many more. He struggled for human rights on the basis of social democratic values that advocate peace, democracy and the people's self-determination."

The Kurdish Democratic Society Center-Sweden had said in the statement that it is "looking forward to hear an official apology, and de-criminalizing our associations and organizations. We also look forward to an even clearer condemnation of Erdogan's regime and the violent and brutal repression of the Turkish state against the Kurdish people."

The documentary is a moving tribute to Olof Palme.