Mithat Sancar: We will foil this conspiracy trial

Making a statement in front of the court before the first hearing of the Kobanê trial, HDP co-chair Mithat Sancar said: “We will foil this conspiracy, we will enlarge the struggle for democracy”.

The Kobanê Trial launched by the Turkish government against the HDP and evaluated by the HDP as a "political conspiracy" is about to open in Ankara.

HDP co-chairs, MPs, administrators, detainees' relatives, lawyers, bar associations, civil society associations, political party representatives, human rights organizations and delegations from abroad are following the trial in which 108 people, 28 of them already in prison, face charges.

Before the hearing, HDP co-chairs Mithat Sancar and Pervin Buldan made a statement in front of the Sincan court where the trial will be celebrated.

While the police made frequent announcements to prevent making a press statement in front of the court, they did not allow the press to follow it.

Despite this, Sancar made a short speech and said: “The first hearing of this political conspiracy called the ‘Kobanê trial’ will open soon. We wanted to get together here and make a statement before the trial started, but as you can see, they built a wall between us. This is another indication that they fear the truth. They think they can suppress our voices, but they are wrong. They think they could disappear us with this case too, but we will show that they are wrong.

This is political conspiracy. They hoped to end the search for peace in Turkey, the longing for freedom and democracy. We will continue to resist for freedom, for democracy, for truth.

This is also a political revenge. It is a case that is the product of the anger of a government that could not accept the consequences of the defeat of ISIS in Kobanê in 2014. It is a revenge trial born out of the anger of this power for the defeats he suffered at the hands of the HDP. We are going to frustrate this attempt together.

We welcome all those who have come here today, from Turkey and abroad. We will void this conspiracy, we will enlarge the struggle for democracy, we will spoil the calculations of the government, and we will all together save this country from this authoritarian attack. Nobody should doubt this. Here truth will judge lies, determination will judge fear. Courage will spread to Turkey from this court, and will send its voice to the whole world. We thank you all for coming."