Message from Northern Syria to Ankara: You will lose this war

Turkey will pay a heavy price for the attack on Afrin and there is no way that Erdogan-Bahceli alliance will win this war, Northern Syrian Democratic Federation Constituent Assembly Co-chair Hediye Yusif said.

In an interview with the ANF, Northern Syrian Democratic Federation Constituent Assembly Co-chair Hediye Yusif warned that Turkey is being dragged into its doom and urged Turkish people to react against the invasion attacks on Rojava.

“Turkish people should see that a house built on Kurdish land won’t benefit them. You can’t build a house for yourself by destroying Kurds’ houses. This will start a hostility that will last centuries and open the gates for war” Yusif said.

Here are some excerpts from Yusif’s interview:

“This invasion operation will bring a war which will last long years or maybe centuries. It will create a climate in which every piece of this land will turn to a battlefield and tears of victims will always be present.”

“Turkish state is carrying out this war with chauvinism and nationalism. Despite everything we are expecting that Turkish people will stand up against this invasion. Turkish state won’t benefit from this war. No one will benefit from this war other than Erdogan’s party. Hence that party will be the one to suffer the most harm in the long term”.

“This is our message to Turkish people: We are neighbours. And we can live friendly and equally, side by side and be in good terms as neighbours. But if they show us weapon, we will consider them as enemies and continue to defend our people”.

“The UN doesn’t know what’s happening in Afrin. They only believe in the lies told by Turkish state. We have to remind UN this: We are a nation. We have a history and we own this land. We were the ones who fought against terror and defeat it. We are invaded, and the invader is the Turkish state. We advise the UN to stop searching for an escapeway and investigate how its decisions have been practiced in the region.”

“If UN is defending human rights, it has to ask Turkish state about its attacks on peaceful people who opened their land to refugees. It has to say “you are opening the gates of terror” to Turkey. Does the UN have nothing to do other that finding an escapeway for us or evacuate our land and Syria?”

“We reject UN’s resolutions. 500 thousand people resist in Afrin today. Who can force 500 thousand people to resist? Who can force people to fight? If it was by force the people of Afrin would run to the camps which are set up by Turkey on the border. But nobody does that. Nobody accepts to surrender.”