KCK’s Mahir: AKP brought only destruction to this country

Hebun Mahir said that there is no democracy left in Turkey.

Two weeks left before the elections in Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. KCK (Kurdistan Communities Union) Health Committee Member Hebun Mahir has talked to ANF about the importance of these elections.

Calling on people to go to the polls on 24 June, Dr. Hebun Mahir said: “Everyone should be able to see that the HDP is a party with a vision for freedom and able to respond to people’s demands. Above all I invite the people of Bingöl, Dersim, Erzurum, to vote for the HDP in order to defend their own beliefs and values”.

KCK Health Committee member said that the AKP era has indeed meant Turkey went down on democracy, law, media value, and actually reached the level of 3rd world countries as these indicators are concerned. This is the result, he said, of the AKP government's policies and persecution lasting 16 years.

Hebun Mahir reminded that the 16 years AKP administration has actually smashed the 100 years old republic: “Wherever we look, - he said - we can’t find any democracy in the Turkish state, neither in relation to EU standard nor in the developed countries Erdogan mentioned”.

Because everything is carried out in a mob way by the AKP, said Mahir, who added: “On this basis, there is no democracy, law, or freedom in any area. We got to the point where people are being arrested now even if they ask for peace through the social media”.

AKP-MHP fascist alliance

Calling on the people of Turkey, the democratic circles to give a vote for democracy Mahir pointed out that “if Erdogan is to win again, Turkey will lose 100 years of values. The peoples of Turkey, democrats and revolutionaries must see this”.

The AKP-MHP alliance has imposed fascism on the whole of Turkey. It has made it impossible, said Mahir, for anyone to stand for democracy, human life, freedom. It is a very complex scenario, especially for Alevi people who got no results in these years.

Kurds, Mahir insisted, have not reached any solution to their issues. Concepts like academics and intellectuals have disappeared. Academics and intellectuals can only make sense if they go along with the AKP.

AKP wants to hide economic crisis behind the election

Underlining that the AKP government has been carrying out war policies, Mahir said that the Turkish regime has been using the war in Syria or in Iraq and brought to country to a deep economic crisis.

"There are 400 million of debt in Turkey and this situation could mean a crisis for the next ten generations. In fact these elections have been called in an attempt to hide the economic crisis”.

The KCK Health Committee member underlined that in fact the AKP is the most divisive, anti-Islamic party and added: “Turkey is accusing the others of separatism while it is pursuing a separatist policy itself. It talks about peace when it’s carrying out a war policy”.

Mahir ended his remarks saying that it is “important for people to stop the AKP in the coming 24 June elections. On the contrary, all of Turkey will have given their future to the wrong hands. The HDP will provide the opportunity to step out of this situation”.