KCK: AKP/MHP fascism is nearing its end

According to KCK, the fascist AKP/MHP regime in Turkey is trying to extend its life span through war propaganda. KCK congratulated the guerrillas for the most recent action against a Turkish military unit in Batman.

Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Co-presidency released a statement highlighting the war waged by the AKP against the Kurdish people. Reviewing the political developments since July 2015 to today, KCK stated that the AKP/MHP government is experiencing a political, military, economic and social collapse.

The statement said the following;

"Since July 24, 2015, the fascist AKP/MHP government is escalating the war. The psychological warfare is a significant part of this war. The political, military, economic and social crises push the government to a psychological war. Since the beginning of the armed struggle on 15 August 1984, each ruling party has propagandistically announced the alleged destruction of the guerrillas and the PKK. Turgut Özal spoke of "a few bandits," and Tansu Çiller, the prime minister of the dirty war, argued on daily basis that PKK would end. Following the international conspiracy directed against Abdullah Öcalan, the state representatives declared all together that the PKK was over. When Tayyip Erdoğan's AKP won the elections in 2002, he said that there existed no Kurdish question as long as one did not think about it. However, the ideological, political and military strength and influence of the Kurdish liberation movement continued to increase. In today's 3rd World War, this movement has become a force with influence on all political balances.

Military coup against the Kurdish people and democratic forces

Four days after the dubious military coup of 15 July 2016, the fascist AKP/MHP coalition has staged its own coup. The actual fascist coup took place when the state of emergency was declared on 20 July. Although this coup was alleged as directed against the Gülen structures, it was essentially directed against the democratic forces and the Kurdish liberation struggle. There have been constant reports of operations against Gülen to conceal the coup against the Kurdish people and democratic forces. Rather, the alleged Gülen operations were bureaucratic operations that essentially replaced dissident officials, policemen, and the military with their own people. Over time, it came out that the coup was mainly directed against the Kurdish people and the democratic forces.

Psychological warfare

An important dimension of this coup is psychological warfare. On the one hand, attempts are made to damage the reputation of the democratic forces, on the other hand, propaganda is spread on Turkish military successes. Every day, Tayyip Erdoğan counts how many have been eliminated. According to their figures, there is a higher number of fatalities than the actual number of fighters in the Kurdish struggle. Every day, news that have nothing to do with reality are being spread. This is intended to undermine the morale of Kurdish society, to pretend that the state forces remain strong, and to cover up the political, economic and social crisis the country is being through.

Heavy blows inflicted by the guerrilla

The guerrillas are fighting under conditions in which the Turkish state brutally oppresses the population, burns down their forests and sets up military restricted zones everywhere. The guerilla actions against the attacks of the Turkish state in the psychological war testify to a great resistance. With these daily actions, the lies of the psychological war are brought to nothing. Recently, the guerrilla forces in the region, where the burial of a young man who burned himself for the Leader has not been allowed, responded to this oppression and psychological warfare with a major action.

Resistance will continue

In Batman (Êlih), the repression has risen, even funerals are attacked and there are daily baseless arrests. We congratulate the guerrilla and the territorial commandant for their action in Batman and wish them continued success in their fight. The guerrillas, the people, their friends and all the democratic forces will continue to resist and fight for a free Kurdistan and a democratic Turkey.

The end of the AKP regime is nearing

The fascist AKP/MHP regime tries to extend its lifespan through all methods possible. Their end, however, is nearing further every day. The increasing collapse can no longer be covered by psychological warfare. The resistance will deepen the crisis and bring about an end to this regime. We call on the Kurdish people and their friends to step up their fight against the fascist AKP/MHP coalition."