Karasu: War in Syria continues due to Turkey’s policies

We publish the English translation of a piece written by KCK Executive Council Member Mustafa Karasu for Yeni Özgür Politika newspaper about latest developments in Syria and Kurdistan.

The United States, France and Britain have launched air strikes on Syria hitting many military bases and facilities. The two events that paved the way to such air raids were the negotiation between Russia and Turkey on Eastern Ghouta and Afrin.

Russia, in exchange to allowing Turkey to occupy Afrin, targeted the Islamic gangs in Eastern Ghouta and Duma. While the gangs in East Ghouta were crashed, Turkey would not complain and invaded Afrin. As a matter of fact, the attack against Eastern Ghouta was carried out in parallel with the invasion of Afrin.

The use of chemical weapons has arisen in the context of this attack. Therefore, the attack launched by the USA, France and Britain against Syria occurred in a political environment in which Afrin occupation’s dirty bargaining emerged. If there is an accomplice of the alleged chemical attack, this would be Turkey. Because an attack campaign against Eastern Guta and Duma was carried out against the background of the invasion of Afrin.

Indeed, this event proved once again how Turkey promotes its war against Kurds. In fact, if Turkey were not enemy of the Kurds, in a very short time all gangs in Syria will be defeated. It is the politics of the Turkish state to support and help what is left of the DAESH, al-Nusra and similar groups in Syria. Without understanding this reality, no one in Syria could actually set up a right policy. The only way to stabilize Syria lies in a democratic Syria based on democratic forces in Rojava and North Syria.

It is these forces, with their idea for a democratic Syria, that will bring the opposite sides of the US and Russian to a reconciliation. But Turkey policy of being an enemy of both Kurds and democracy means this opportunity will continue to suffer sabotage and conflict will continue.

Therefore, Turkey discourse about the need for a political solution is only rhetoric to hide its true face. Turkey solution for Syria is actually based on the denial of Kurds and the oppression of the Kurds will to lead a free and democratic life. This means war. This is how the war against Afrin and Eastern Guta came into being. The air raid by the United States, Britain and France are also the result of this policy. If the war will not solve the problem, first of all the Turkish state's games over Syria must be broken and prevented.

In fact, the Kurdish reality reveals the character of every political power in the field. In today's world, there is no such phenomenon that makes the reality as open as the struggle of Kurds. Kurds expose to the whole world, with their meaningful actions and correct politics, the true face of everyone. The occupation of Afrin has exposed the character of Russia and its allies. Now the character of the US and coalition forces is emerging. The United States and its partners, that did not say anything when the Turkish state was killing hundreds of civilians in Afrin, launched air strikes on Syria after the alleged chemical attack in Duma.

While the use of chemical weapons is alleged, the attack against Afrin carried out by Turkey is an indisputable reality. If you attack Duma, you should do the same against the Turkish state. Civilians have been killed on both events. More civilians indeed were killed and wounded in Afrin. From this point of view, how can we believe that the forces who didn’t raise their voice for Afrin are intervening for humanity in Duma?

Once again, the Kurds have been sacrificed to political interests. The killing of Kurdish children, women and civilians is not so important; it is normal for the Kurds to be killed!

Hundreds of civilians were killed in the 2015-2016 resistance, while the cities were burned down and silenced. This demonstrates how the approach towards Kurds is both hypocritical and ugly. This is becoming normal when there is a mentality and political understanding that bases everything on capitalism. At the moment the most fundamental problem of the world is the question of political morality; the double standard problem. This situation is rejected by everyone. Russia is a supporter of the Kurdish genocide, the US and Coalition forces remain silent when it comes to the Kurdish genocide; but when civilians are dying in the Duma they launch air raids, together with their allies. And despite the risk to come face to face with Russia!

In recent days, US President Donald Trump said, "We have defeated DAESH, we thank ourselves”. Trump said such a thing when indeed he should have thanked those who played the biggest role in defeating the DAESH, that is the thousands of young Kurds who have died fighting the Islamic State. Indeed, the US where turning a blind eye on Turkey that was supporting DAESH. He even encouraged it with its attitudes. This attitude, forget about thanking the Kurds, does not equal a punishment? No thanks to the Kurds for defeating the DAESH, but thanks to Turkey for support it. Is it possible to have such a paradox of immorality and gimmicks? If the Kurds had not given thousands of martyrs, there would be now no regime nor Russia or USA. Turkey used DAESH as a blackmail in its negotiations. However, Russia and the USA saw the sacrifice made by Kurds in Syria and yet did not act accordingly.

While the US do not react to the Kurdish massacre in Afrin, it react immediately to the chemical weapons allegedly used. This attitude is understandable if chemical weapons are used. Undoubtedly the problems in Syria could actually be solved with the right politics. But why there is not the same attitude when it comes to the Kurds, who paid a big price in the fight against DAESH and al-Nusra? Is the world not asking this question? What can be answered to this question?

Turkey is trying to win its share of the pie from this attack. Turkey, that made a dirty exchange with Russia on Eastern Guta and Duma, is now supporting the attacks by the US, Britain and France. This way it is trying is share of responsibility in Eastern Guta. If the reactions to a chemical weapons attack are the air strikes carried out these days, then there should not be the same reaction against the invasion of Afrin by Turkey? If this is not the case, no one will take seriously the action by the United States, France and England.

Turkey is playing the politics of going with whoever suits it best at every other time. It sides with whoever is likely to win. At this point, it is playing the world's most unreliable policy. Because the AKP only lives and works for the Kurdish genocide issue. As the Russian were there, they used Russia to invade Afrin. Now, in the east of the Euphrates, it tries to bring the US, France and Russia closer to its political interests. It is actually thinking that it could create a super force to crash the Kurds in Rojava.

Turkey has used and created a relation with Russia in the absence of the possibility of violent clashes between the US and Russia. If the conflict becomes harsher, though, Turkey will have to make a choice. This would be the US and the West. Russia and Iran have also seen this. Therefore, from now on the relation between Russia and Turkey will be one in which the two sides will try to back stab the other. This will certainly happen, the question is when and in which political.

It has also to be said that Russia is acting with the understanding and reflex of the cold war period. However, in capitalism, the character of the struggle between the capitalist forces have changed. Therefore this will take place both within the capitalist system and with reflexes of the cold war period!

This will lead to a process to result in a loss by Russia. In this regard, there is high possibility that their effort to be superior with Turkey at their side against the US, would end up in disappointment.

Turkey, on the other hand, will see in not a long future that the cold war period and the policy of genocide against Kurds basing on some power cannot last under the current political conditions. From this point of view, it is quite unlikely that the AKP-MHP government that pursues a policy of genocide against Kurds basing on some power will get frustrated. If Kurds and democratic circles struggle against AKP-MHP fascism, this will be the inevitable end for the AKP-MHP fascism.