"ISIS and the Turkish state will both face defeat by the Kurds"

At first they betook themselves to Kobanê, and headed afterwards to the free mountains. Sara Doğan and Delîl Welat are convinced that ISIS and the Turkish state will both be defeated by the Kurds.

The Rojava Revolution kept for everyone a distinct impact on hand. Some stand up for it because it provides a free and equal life, some others however feel rage against it as it shakes their domination.

But the companions walking on the path of the revolution do not recognize any obstacles and carry on with their struggle against fascism.

Sara Doğan from Northern Kurdistan and Delîl Welat from the city Amûdê in Southern Kurdistan, who took initially to the road to Kobanê to wreak vengeance on the darkest of all faces in the history of mankind and headed afterwards to the free mountains, came forward to talk to the ANF about their story.



Sara Doğan partook in the great Battle of Kobane with a mobilizing spirit and put it into following words: "When the daughters and sons of weeping mothers were laid into the embracement of the soil, my heart could not take it any more to just stand by and watch."Sara Doğan told that: "I felt enormous pain to see that so many of our young people sacrificed their cheery and beautiful souls for Kobanê to live on. Even though I did not know anyone of them personally, I could not accept that so many young people have been lost. For this reason I followed the call for the great mobilization and headed to Kobanê, taking part in the struggle."

Doğan stated that one side of the coin of the Battle of Kobane was the tremendous resistance of epic proportions, and the other side was the dirty war of different states, bringing into focus the countless innocent women and children slaughtered mercilessly: "What became most unbearable was that all this horror happened minute for minute in front of the eyes of our whole people. Every single person became witness of these massacres and brutal attacks. And this relentless barbarity's main objective was in the first place to finish off the Kurdish people for good. Decades long they have tried to achieve that and exhausted all possible means, and this time they once more resorted to mass killings. But they did not succeed. The calculations of Turkey first and foremost and of all powers who reckoned with the annihilation of the Kurdish people, have been foiled. What defeated this invasionist states was the laughter shining on the faces of the resistant youth and the confidence embedded in their hearts. With the mottos in their hearts, Kobanê gained its freedom, people returned once again to their lands and children are now living in a free country for the first time.

All those who came during the great mobilization partook in this resistance with a spirit of utmost altruism. In reply to this self-sacrificing spirit there was nothing left the enemy could offer and to put it in a nutshell: Kobanê did not fall into the claws of Erdoğan. Later I headed to the free mountains so that the hope of freedom will spread in all the other parts of Kurdistan, too."


Doğan pointed out the ongoing attacks on the Rojava Revolution in which particularly Erdoğan keeps shelling nonstop, driven by fascist motivations, and gave following message to all these invading and attacking powers: "The Kurdish people do not accept their lives to remain as it was before and will never let go of this land of theirs, for which they have sacrificed so much of their own blood. You will never be capable of impeding their resolve nor their resistance, no matter what they do."

Stressing that defending the Rojava Revolution means dignity for all honourable Kurds, Doğan continued: “The Kurdish people do not say 'It is either my life or my homeland', they say 'I will sacrifice this life I have to not let my homeland fall again prey to invasion'. Under such conditions of grim determination, it becomes unavoidable that the enemy will at any rate be defeated also in Efrîn the same way as they were beaten in Kobanê. Erdoğan can try every trick in the book, but he will never achieve victory over the resolute mottoes of the mothers and the resistance of the youth. Their altruistic spirit will lead them to victory against all tanks and artilleries."

Doğan ended with the following call to the Kurds and the peoples of the Middle East and across the globe: "Like we resisted in Kobanê, we will resist also now in Efrîn. We shall not leave Efrîn on its own. We need to become the followers of the youths that struggled and sacrificed their lives for the sake of this revolution."



Delîl Welat is originally from Amûdê, an old city in Southern Kurdistan. He, too, entered the struggle for the revolution's defense at the same time with his comrade Sara Doğan and took an active part in countless operations, notably in the Operation of Martyr Rûbar, in which a corridor from Serêkaniyê and Kobanê was opened in heavy battles. Now he is in the free mountains.

Delîl Welat told us those times: "The 19th of July was for us a most joyous day full of morale and happiness. After that severe and excessive oppression and colonialization, this revolution was not meant for the Kurds only. It was a beacon of hope for all the peoples of Syria. The Kurds came forward amidst the crisis ravaging in Syria with the Confederalism Project and called into being a real revolution. With the founding of the YPG, which was yet very small at the beginning but grew steadily from day to day, we defended our revolution that has become the hope of the entire Middle East. And the people forged new systems. Communes, councils, cooperatives...In the face of this revolution that was lived by the people with immeasurable enthusiasm, I felt responsibility on my shoulders. Since the very start I joined the ranks of the YPG. Because this revolution became soon the target of many different powers and foreign states, its protection was the more one of the most sacred tasks of all. Mothers, children and simply everyone took up arms and defended their neighbourhoods. And the YPG and YPJ got over the time more and more powerful.

In 2013 all of a sudden ISIS appeared on the scene. This organization, which receives all its supports from the Turkish state, became the reason for grave agony be suffered in Rojava and Syria. This gang trained, organized and fed by Turkey, has turned the entire region from Kobane to Sirîn into a war zone. During this process, volunteers from all around the world came and joined the resistance.

The liberation of the Girê Spî finally broke the neck of ISIS and allowed the revolution to extend its protective arm to the Arab community. Wherever the YPG and YPJ liberated an area, its population's wrath against ISIS heightened and the numbers of newly joined fighters in the ranks of the YPG and YPJ grew drastically. The formation of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) is a great result evoked by the peoples' longing for this revolution. The SDF might be the most evident proof that this revolution is nothing else than the very revolution of a Democratic Nation.

The basic component behind the attacks against Rojava is the fear towards the Revolution of the Democratic Nation, which is a truly alternative system. This revolution was first and foremost a thorn in the side of Turkey. And that was the very reason why Turkey started to attack since the first day of the revolution on the 19th July. Currently they are shelling Efrîn. While Turkey conducted its aggressive attacks before via those gangs they created and directed, it now has started to assault very openly by itself. But we have seen it already in Kobanê. It is a physical impossibility for them to succeed. Because there is now a people that administers itself and defends its revolution at all costs. Efrîn will resist even fiercer with the experience it got from Kobanê. Also Erdoğan knows very well that this revolution is a starting point for the greater revolution of whole Kurdistan. That is why he is attacking, but he will not have the power to put out the flame of this revolution."


Welat talked about his participation in the ranks of the guerrilla and said: "I was standing with many revolutionary young men and women in the same emplacement. Many of them have fallen martyrs. They were from all parts of Kurdistan, from the north, east and south. They removed the drawn borders and became the voice of Kobanê. I am convinced that the same resistance will be mounted also for Efrîn. The enthusiasm, stance and patriotism of those comrades influenced me deeply. I told myself that I had to adopt their stance and take as a young man from Kurdistan my seat in the resistance of Northern Kurdistan. For that reason I joined the guerrilla ranks, and I headed to the mountains.

I believe that wherever there is resistance, the Kurdish youth will be there."