İlham Ehmed: Trilateral summit won't resolve the problem in Syria

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-chair İlham Ehmed evaluated the Moscow summit as a one-sided assembly of forces effective in Syria that does not include the opposition and thus cannot offer a solution.

Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-chair İlham Ehmed spoke to ANF regarding the trilateral summit held by Russia, Turkey and Iran in Moscow December 20 to discuss Syria.

Ehmed pointed out that Russia and the Syrian regime tried to turn the military outcomes into political outcomes, and that this would, however, not bring along a resolution. She evaluated the summit as a one-sided assembly of forces effective in Syria that does not include the opposition.

Ehmed remarked that Turkey was directly responsible for the murder of the Russian ambassador in Ankara.


Regarding the assassination of the Russian Ambassador Andrey Karlov in Ankara right before the summit in Moscow, Ehmed said: “This murder is directly an assassination by the AKP ruling as the assassin has a background in the Osmanlı Ocakları (Ottoman Hearts) which was founded by Erdoğan himself. This assassination reveals the reality of the AKP. Still, it grabs attention that the ambassador was killed at a time when preparations were made for the Moscow summit to handle Aleppo.”


Ehmed noted that Turkey has now abandoned all its policies on Syria and got to the point of acting together with Russia.

Pointing out that Russia took advantage of the assassination the most, Ehmed said: “Russia has turned the assassination into an advantage. This is because of the fact that Turkey had no choice left but to fully surrender to Russia while it attended the meeting with such an incident. Turkey has given up on its Syria policy and completely switched to the Russian front after this assassination.”


Ehmed noted that the Ba'ath regime declared victory in Aleppo after the summit, during which -she said- a plan as to where to start after Aleppo was discussed.

Remarking that al Bab has been left to Turkey, Ehmed continued: “Turkey tries to take its revenge over Bab, and to prevent the unification of our cantons. Turkish troops have carried out intensified attacks on Bab during the past days. Essentially, the Turkish state is committing civilian massacres in Bab. Dozens of civilians that include children have been massacred by the recent Turkish attacks. This is the reality of the Turkish state which has once again resorted to a massacre of civilians -as it does everywhere- after it had no influence left on the determination of the future of Syria.


Ehmed stated that the Moscow summit is one-sided and a preparation for the meeting to be held in Astana next month, adding: “This is a meeting participated by Iran, Russia and Turkey without the opposition. It is a summit organised by the parties that strengthen the Syrian regime's hand. This is why it is not a meeting whose outcomes can offer a solution to the problems in Syria.

They started military operations before the meeting, with which they want to turn the available outcomes into a political outcome. These are some moves made before negotiations. In other words, they mean to make it clear which forces will be negotiated with now that there is no opposition left. It is like the states that are most involved in the internal affairs of Syria will reach an agreement and declare that they have come up with a solution.”

Ehmed also commented on the plans made basing on the outcomes of the Moscow summit, and mentioned that an amnesty is being considered for those staying in Turkey in the name of opposition for years.

Lastly, Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Co-chair İlham Ehmed stated the following:

“If this is what they consider a solution, it will be a disaster for the peoples of Syria. It would be a huge mistake if the parties attending the summit thought the problem can be resolved this way. They are not the only opposition as there exists a revolutionary opposition in Syria that is defends and fights for the democratization and unity of Syria for years. Of course, this situation is being discussed in various arenas. It would be important if they drew conclusions from former experiences. A true solution in Syria can progress if not one side but all sides come together and agree on a resolution. This is the one single and the true way to improve a solution in Syria. All sides have seen that one-sided meetings and solution seeking do not offer a solution.”