Hezbolcounter settled in Southern Kurdistan

The legal façade of the Hezbolcounter Huda-Par and the capital group HAKSIAD were received at the top level in Southern Kurdistan under the guarantee of the MIT and lead of the KDP. They were allowed to set up an official representation office.

The useful force and murder network for the Turkish state has been enjoying official reception in Hewler for the last week under the KDP’s official invitation. They have opened an official representation office and held meetings for economic cooperation with committees behind closed doors. It is not just the KDP, other political actors have also joined in on this dirty alliance.

Masoud Barzani was known to have held routine meetings with the HUDA-PAR Chair in the MIT headquarters in all his visits to Ankara. It is no secret that commercial entities including those with partners such as relatives of Huseyin Velioglu, one of the founders of Hezbolcounter, and dozens of Hezbolcounter members have been actively engaged in commercial and political activity in the KDP region and under supervision of the Parastin. Now let’s take a closer look to the MIT project to form a co-conspirators belt in the South.

Simultaneously with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s visit to Hewler-Iraq-Kirkuk, HUDA-PAR (the legal façade of Hezbolcounter) carried out a campaign. The KDP-HUDAPAR visits were reported on as superficial politial and commercial talks, but they were extensive indeed. Hezbolcounter capital (HAKSIAD) was received at a high level by the KDP, immediately followed by HUDA-PAR’s new chairperson Ishak Saglam and his entourage meeting with Masoud Barzani.

They opened their first official representation office on May 1 with a ceremony. Looking at the institutional support and commending visits, the Turkish state’s role as moderator and KDP’s service become clearer: Bizutnewey Islami Kurdistan (Kurdistan Islamic Movement Party), Yekiti Nistimani Kurdistan (Kurdistan Patriots Union), Independent Turkmen Movement, Yekgirtu Islami (Islamic Unity Party), Komela Islami Kurdistan (Kurdistan Islamic Society Party), Kurdistan Democratic Party, Iraqi Islamic Party, Darul Bayan Association, Ronaki Association, opinion leaders, Kurdistan Businessmen Association, ministers, MPs, bureaucrats and tradesmen visited to show support and to commend the opening.

KDP is legitimizing the de facto invasion of the South via the bases they open up for Turkey on one hand, and on the other provide space for the Hezbolcounter, one of the apparatus of the special war. The attempt to form a Hezbolcounter force on top of the paramilitary structures formed by the money funneled by Turkey and the abandonment of Kirkuk to the Turkmen Front aims to create a mission like that of the ENKS and to legitimize it. The belt of treacherous co-conspirators to surround the Rojava Revolution is being implemented by the KDP in the South. They attempt to cut off strategic crossing areas between Rojava, Shengal, Maxmur and Qandil to cut Kurdish centers of resistance off from each other. The Southern government has volunteered to implement this plan. As such, the one to answer for opening up the South’s resources for the Hezbolcounter is MIT as much as it is the KDP, and they aim to form a belt of treason.