Hediye Yusuf: Syrian crisis will be resolved with federal system

Hediye Yusuf said they held discussions with Russia, Iran and the Assad regime on the federation model.

Northern Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly Co-chair Yusuf pointed to the federal system and the democratic nation understanding for the resolution of the Syrian crisis. Yusuf said a door to a solution will be opened with the liberation of Raqqa and stated that the Turkish state has lost in Syria.

Hediye Yusuf said they held discussions with Russia, Iran and the Assad regime on the federation model.

Northern Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly Co-chair Hediye Yusuf spoke to the ANF.


Yusuf said the following:

“The regional powers with policies over Syria have always had their plans. The Turkish state and many states in the region wanted to participate in the Raqqa operation, but none of their calculations came to pass. The FSA groups are at each others’ throats in Northern Syria. The Turkish state wants to control Azaz, Idlib, Jarablus and Bab with these gang groups. The resolution of the Syrian crisis is tied to the liberation of Raqqa. The Syrian Democratic Forces continue their struggle against ISIS everywhere. There is a great resistance in Raqqa. Hundreds of civilians are rescued every day. ISIS terror has lost power in Raqqa. With the liberation of Raqqa, a new door for a solution will open in Syria for a permanent solution and a resolution to the Syrian crisis. The resistance the SDF has displayed in Raqqa has taken on new prestige. They are the core army of Syria.”


Yusuf pointed to the Syrian revolution and the raising awareness for freedom in the peoples of the Middle East, and continued:

“The Syrian Democratic Forces have resisted ISIS Terror non-stop for 3 years. In the Shaddadi, Hawl, Tishrin and Manbij operations they displayed great resistance. The defense of the Syrian revolution and the peoples living in Syria is done by the Syrian Democratic Forces. They are gaining new prestige in the international arena as the army of Syria. Raqqa had become the capital of ISIS gangs. And the Syrian people want to be rid of ISIS. The new legal guarantee and the defense force for the peoples is the Syrian Democratic Forces.


The crisis and chaos in Syria have entered a new phase. The US, Russia and international forces are looking for new constitutional way for Syria. With the liberation of Raqqa, the political balance will change. Syria should reach a democratic solution and the peoples should represent themselves in a new legal system. The federal system is the address for a solution to the crisis. Democratic Autonomy, as an alternative model in Northern Syria against the single-centralist system, was the basic project for this. What we advance and promote in the international arena is the federation model. It is the most reasonable model for the Syrian crisis. The Syrian revolution will be made up of the federation system.”


Yusuf said the Turkish state lost in Syria and added: “And the international forces need to take up a more radical stance regarding Turkey.”

Yusuf said the regional powers don’t want to sacrifice their political and military interests and approach the AKP government mildly, and continued:

“Turkey is a NATO state. They are going through a difficult crisis in the Middle East. They have repeatedly prepared invasion plans in Syria. They wanted to defeat the Rojava Revolution. Erdoğan/the AKP government target the peoples of Syria in the person of the Kurds. They don’t want the federation system to be realized. They are developing genocide policies against the Arabs, Turkmens and Circassians in the person of the Kurds.

The Turkish state carries out policies of denial and elimination in every area in Kurdistan. They want to put the people of Northern Kurdistan in the grips of genocide. They legitimize policies to destroy both Syrian Kurds and our people in Northern Kurdistan in the cultural, political and military aspects. Erdoğan destroys whole cultures and peoples in the Middle East to sacrifice them to his hegemonic interests.”


Northern Syria Democratic Federal System Constituent Assembly Co-chair Hediye Yusuf said the following on the federation project:

“The Baath regime also knows that Syria can’t be governed like it was before. We have never been in favor of the fragmentation of Syria. Syria has come to this because of the single-centralist system and the crisis of the nation state. Regional forces acted in favor of their own interests and by watching out for the balance. The city of Raqqa will be a building ground for the peoples of Syria and the federation system. We are discussing the federation model and the Syrian peoples having some kind of security with Russia, Iran and the Assad regime. There has been a struggle against ISIS terror. The new Syria and the freedom of peoples should be under the umbrella of the federation.”