Hakkari welcomes prisoner released after 30 years in prison

Nurettin Çelik, who was released after 30 years, was welcomed with flowers, fireworks, torches and chants in his hometown, Hakkari.

Nurettin Çelik, who was released from Patnos L Type Prison after 30 years, was welcomed in his hometown, Hakkari (Colemêrg).

Çelik was enthusiastically welcomed by the People's Equality and Democracy Party (DEM Party), Democratic Regions Party (DBP) and family members at the Freedom Square on the Hakkari-Van highway. DBP former co-chair and Mardin MP Saliha Aydeniz, DEM Party MP co-chair and city deputy Vezir Coşkun Parlak, Öznur Bartın, DEM Party and DBP Hakkari Provincial Organization executives were present at the welcoming ceremony. Party members and family members who came to welcome Çelik welcomed him with flowers, fireworks, torches, applause and chants.

Saliha Aydeniz said: "While we were going through a very important process, the fact that this release took place gave us morale. There is ongoing pressure, isolation and trustee policy in prisons. The first trustee was appointed to Hakkari and there has been resistance that has been going on for days."

DEM Party Provincial co-chair Kadir Şahin said: “Our friend's stance and smile gave us strength. The fact that it has survived for 30 years in Turkish prisons where enemy law is applied is an indication of how blessed and great this struggle is. Long live the prison resistance."

Çelik thanked all participants for the magnificent welcome and conveyed greetings from the prisoners. Çelik said: "All the prisoners are in good condition and in good spirits. I thank you all very much."