Demirtaş: HDP and the left can defeat the AKP

These elections, writes Demirtaş, could determine the future of politics in Turkey.

HDP former co-chairman Selahattin Demirtas (hostage in prison) said in an article published by Cumhuriyet newspaper on Wednesday, that it is possible to enlarge left democratic values ​​and to have more power than ever.

In his article Demirtaş said:

“As we approach the 24 June elections I would like to underline a few things I deem worth remembering again. First of all, these elections could actually be a landmark and affect politics in Turkey for the next ten years. Either the one-man authoritarian regime embodied by the AKP mentality will declare the final victory and doubled the atrocities made so far to turn into a full dictatorship, or we will continue to go down the path leading to the strengthening of the quest for democracy as we have done throughout the history of the Republic”.

HDP former co-chairman added:

“The ruling and opposition blocs will shape their new reality according to these two visions as they prepare to face voters: either full democracy or full dictatorship. It is of crucial importance that the opposition bloc shows to be aware of this duality when it comes to its discourse. However, it is not possible to say with complete peace of mind that the opposition bloc implements full democracy when it comes to action and practice”.


The article then turned its attention to the HDP:

“The HDP - Demirtaş wrote - chose the method of direct nomination for its own president and MP candidates, in the widest meetings in terms of participation. This is extremely important and meaningful and it may be proved inadequate because of the very limited amount of time there is for this process. It is therefore a complete mystery how the main opposition candidates will be discussed and determined, where, and by who. It is unclear how the opposition candidates will be selected, which are the criteria.

Conducted as secretly as possible - wrote Demirtaş - in order to keep it away from possible manipulative interventions by the AKP bloc, these talks have also being kept secret for the public debate. Those who chose the way of full democracy will face a question of credibility if they do not open the process of nominating candidates to the public”.

HDP and its allies will be a leading force

HDP former co-chair Demirtaş added that it is vital for Kurdish organisations, and the left, socialist forces, labor unions, EMEP, TKP, labor organizations, professional chambers, unions and NGOs, platforms and assemblies, to discuss their proposals as widely as possible.

Demirtaş then underlined that “every conduct of those who aim to reach full democracy with these elections should be according to this aim. It seems that, once again, HDP, its components and all the forces of democracy in solidarity with the HDP will play a leading role in this process. It is absolutely essential for all organized structures, including revolutionary forces, to take an immediate lead position”.

A disciplined people’s campaign

Demirtaş added: “The AKP lives on a rigid one-man regime and this determines every practice and discourse. It is expected that the democratic bloc will show its ability to make a real difference. The fascist power bloc is preparing for a mass media-backed bombardment in the form of a gigantic "advertising campaign" taking advantage of the impositions secured by the OHAL (State of Emergency). The opposition, on the other hand, should be organising a coordinated and disciplined public campaign together with people, progressive forces, parliaments, platforms and all organized structures”.

No 5-star hotels but work among the people

Those who discuss candidates secretly in 5-star hotel rooms won’t have the public working during the campaign. While the AKP bloc is trying to 'market' a bad product with an expensive advertising campaign, we have to go through a radical democratic stance by choosing tactics, justice, peace, secularism, freedom and equality”.

“It is possible - concluded Demirtaş - to counter this fascist rightwing bloc by widening the left democratic values ​​and actually have more power than ever. All progressive, revolutionary, patriotic forces, staff, young people, women will stand for the oppressed of history, with all their energy and time taking a leading role in this struggle”.