Brussels assailant turns out to be Erdoğan's man

Mehmet Gargılı who stabbed 3 Kurds including 66 years old Sultan Uğraş in Brussels yesterday turned out to be Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's man.

It came out that the man who attacked and stabbed 3 Kurds on their way to the Turkish Consulate in Belgium capital Brussels Thursday evening -66 years old Sultan Uğraş, Mahmut Yaşar and another Kurdish citizen named Hasan- is Mehmet Gargılı from Emirdağ, Afyon province of Turkey.

Gargılı turned out to be a close man of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, a member of the Ottoman Hearths in Brussels, and living in Belgium for a long time.

Gargılı, whose Facebook account is covered with Erdoğan's photographs and "Yes" images, is seen to have shared a video on 29 March, in which he calls on the Turks living in Belgium to vote "Yes" for the referendum. Gargılı's posts include photographs of Kurdish institutions' administrators whom he points as a target.

Gargılı also turned out to be serving as a guard for Erdoğan and AKP ministers during their visits to Belgium, and he is seen to have engaged in similar provocations during previous elections.

HDK-E (Peoples' Democratic Congress – Europe) administrators stated that Gargılı engaged in provocations at the beginning of the voting process for referendum, upon which they informed the consulate officials about his acts but their efforts did not yield any results though.