Autopsy for Suruç: Murdered with 23 bullets and sharp objects

The Mesopotamia Agency has obtained the autopsy report for the father and brothers murdered by AKP members in Suruç. Celal and Adil Şenyaşar were killed by gunshot at close range, while the father Esvet Şenyaşar was lynched with sharp objects.

The Mesopotamia Agency (MA) has obtained the autopsy reports for shopkeeper Esvet Şenyaşar and his sons Adil and Celal Şenyaşar who were murdered by AKP MP and parliamentary candidate Ibrahim Halil Yıldız’s relatives in Suruç, Urfa. The reports had not been provided for the family and lawyers.


The forensics unit identified 6 different calibers of bullets in Celal Şenyaşar’s body in the pre-autopsy external examination. The first bullet was fatal, while the following were not. The report examined all bullet entry wounds in the body and found that the bullets were shot from point blank range.

The expert doctor’s comments in the autopsy report cite Celal Şenyaşar’s cause of death as: “We are of the opinion that the individual’s death was a result a fragmented break in the femur and bleeding due to arterial damage caused by gunshots.”

In Adil Şenyaşar’s autopsy, the forensics unit found 14 instanes of wounds caused by sharp and piercing objects and blunt object trauma. Units noted that there were severe bruising aroud the 14 areas and reported that Şenyaşar was battered extensively. In the autopsy following the external examination, the units identified 17 bullet wounds of various calibers. 5 of the bullets caused fatal wounds, while the rest were not. 2 bullets were fired at mid-range while all the rest were at point-blank range.The doctors pointed out the following on the cause of death for Adil Şenyaşar: “We are of the opinion that fractures on the clavicle, ribs and vertebrae due to gunshot wounds and bleeding due to iliac wing fractures and wounds on internal organs have resulted in the death.”


According to the autopsy report for Haci Esvet Şenyaşar, who was attacked by the AKP MP’s relatives in the Suruç Public Hospital where he went when he heard his sons were wounded, he lost his life on June 15 at 17:00 in the December 25 Public Hospital. Şenyaşar was brought to the Antep Forensic Science Institute at 18:45.

The external examination showed large scale wounds inflicted by sharp objects on 7 vital areas of his body, and 23 other non-lethal wounds.

The expert doctors said the following for the cause of death for Esvet Şenyaşar: “We are of the opinion that the death was caused by general bodily trauma on the extremities, fractures on the sternum, the left parietooccipital, external tabula and ribs, cerebral hemorrhaging and hemorrhaging due to internal organ damage and pneumothorax.”

Eye witnesses had stated that Esvet Şenyaşar had been lynched with serum bottles and medical equipment.