Karayılan: Turkey uses tactical nuclear bombs in NATO inventory

Addressing the guerrillas in Zap, Avaşin and Metina, HSM Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan said that the nuclear tactical bombs used by the Turkish state against them are in the NATO inventory and asked if NATO approved their use.

People's Defence Centre (HSM) Headquarters Commander Murat Karayılan said that "the holy resistance against the attacks of the enemy" has marked its 160th day and that a new page has been opened in the history of Apoist resistance.

In his speech, Karayılan commemorated those who fell martyrs during the resistance against the Turkish invasion attacks and underlined that they would protect their memories by expanding the Kurdistan freedom struggle.


Karayılan emphasized that the aim of the invading Turkish state is to completely eradicate the Kurdistan freedom movement and to eliminate the achievements of the Kurdish people.

He said: “The enemy has planned its invasion in stages: the first stage is clear, but the second one is hidden, or semi-hidden. Their first goal is to establish a buffer zone at a depth of 32 kilometres from Afrin to Xakurke. They plan to bring the Rojava Revolution under their control, that is, to eliminate it, including the most strategic regions of South Kurdistan. This is the first goal they openly revealed. Undoubtedly, all Medya Defence Zones are their targets and Kandil is also among their targets. It is obvious that the Turkish state allies with the KDP in the first stage of this plan. The KDP supports the Turkish invasion. There are also some international powers behind the plan, so they approved this plan. This is the first step.”


As to the second stage, Karayılan said it “concerns the occupation of the regions claimed by the National Pact of 1920. The Turkish state does not openly say it, but they are discussing this plan behind closed doors. That's why we use the term "semi-hidden". Undoubtedly, Turkey seeks to influence Iraq and Syria in this way. As part of this plan, they attacked Afrin at the beginning of 2018. Shortly after, they attacked the Xakurke region in April. So, they wanted to connect both regions together. As it is known, they later attacked Serêkaniye and Til Ebyad (Girê Spî), then they targeted Heftanîn. They gradually captured these regions. Their most strategic goal is to occupy the centre of the Medya Defence Zones, namely the Zap, Garê and Zap regions. Surprisingly, they launched new attacks in Garê in February 2021. In this way, they wanted to complete the first stage. However, everyone knows that the enemy failed in this plan. Because they came across a new tactic against them. The enemy could not predict it beforehand.”


Karayılan said that “the enemy troops were frustrated by the new tactical warfare of the guerrilla forces based on coordinated professional teams and underground and tunnel battles,” and added that “the 2021 plan had thus failed.”

Karayılan revealed that the Turkish army had later started to use chemical gases and weapons against the battle tunnels. “But they still could not get results. Finally, they started using a new bomb in August. Where they procure it is a matter of debate, but it was first used against Girê Sor, then against the Werxelê resistance, and our fighters became martyred,” he said.

Karayılan pointed out that the type of weapon used in these two areas has later become a fundamental part of the Turkish plan for 2022. The Turkish army attempted to destroy the tunnels and to establish control over the guerrilla teams by using surveillance cameras and photo traps on the ground along with reconnaissance planes.


Karayılan also posed the question of who supplied the bombs in question to the Turkish state. “We did a lot of research on the properties of this bomb. It is understood that they are 'tactical nuclear bombs' whose effects are limited by softening nuclear materials. Radiation does not spread everywhere; its effects are limited, but it has a very high pressure, enough to destroy a small area. Our research shows that there are different yields for this bomb. The tactical nuclear bomb Turkey has is a hundred times stronger than TNT. It also has a toxic effect at a range of 9-10 meters.”


Karayılan said that these bombs are found in the NATO inventory. “It is known that some of these bombs were given to NATO member countries previously and Turkey is among them. Of course, their use could be under NATO's control. Turkey has recently been using them against us. It is unclear whether they were used with NATO’s approval or covertly. However, Turkey knows that it is difficult to use these bombs without approval.”


Karayılan added: “The AKP-MHP regime also wants to achieve a victory against us and go to the elections with this victory. It wants to win votes by promoting chauvinism in Turkey and remaining in power. They understood very well that if the AKP and MHP win against us, they can continue their rule, but if they lose against us, their rule will collapse completely.”


Karayılan stressed that the Turkish state, which has failed in the face of the guerrilla forces, intensified its intelligence activities in Bakur, Bashur and Rojava parts of Kurdistan. “Now it wants to mobilize everyone in South Kurdistan as a spy against us. How can a political party say 'I am a Kurdish party' while spying on behalf of the Turkish state? Unfortunately, such a situation is currently happening. It is both a political party and a spy working on behalf of its own enemy.”

Karayılan noted that a national attitude should be adopted in all parts of Kurdistan and that Turkey’s espionage activities should be prevented.

Pointing to the balance sheet of the battles for the last five months, Karayılan said that “the Turkish casualties have remained unprecedented”.


Karayılan revealed that 10 Turkish helicopters were shot down in the same period, underlining the creativity of guerrilla warfare.

Karayıla also addressed the isolation of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan in the Imrali prison. “The enemy is escalating attacks also in the Imrali prison. Against this, the will that emerged both in Imrali and the battlefields shows that we are basically waging a war of will against the enemy currently. This is a fight for the will of the Kurdish people. Our people are making sacrifices as part of this fight,” he said.

Finally, Karayılan wished success to the Kurdish people in this historical process.