4 Euphrates Shield members surrendered to Manbij Military Council

MMC Press Office reported that 4 members of the “Euphrates Shield” mercenaries have surrendered.

The Press Office of Manbij Military Council (MMC) announced that 4 members of the Turkish-backed “Euphrates Shield” mercenaries have surrendered to their fighters.

The gang members reported that they broke away from the “Euphrates Shield” because of the theft, plundering, attack on civilians, massacre of Afrin residents and many other crimes they have been engaged in.

The four men called on other members of the mercenary groups to surrender.

Identity details of the surrendering mercenaries have been announced as follows:

Xelil Mihemed İlewi Ebu Lel El Dumani, from Merusa village of Jarablus,

Hemed El Şex Ebdo (Ebu Musa), from Meskena region of Aleppo

Hesen Eli (Sinan), from Sirin town of Kobanê

İbrahim Mihemed Şex Osman, from Qebe village of Kobanê.