2,350 civilians abducted in Afrin since the occupation

The invading Turkish army and allied mercenaries continue with their crimes against civilians, human values, culture and nature in Afrin which is under their occupation for more than 7 months.

Afrin Canton of Northern Syria remains under the invasion of the Turkish army and allied mercenaries for more than 7 months. During this period, the mentioned occupation forces have abducted 2,350 civilians. The aftermath of 835 of these, 139 of whom are women, remains unknown. On the other hand, more than 4,500 olive trees have been confiscated.

The occupation forces also continue with the demolishment of cemeteries of martyrs, Turkification -to the extent of street names- and decoration occupation symbols at roadsides and civilian settlements.

During this 7 month period, it is guessed that more than 9 thousand trees have been burned or cut down across Afrin territory. Historical places were looted, historical artifacts -common heritage of humanity- were plundered and sent abroad, and an area of over 5 hectares was set on fire.

Cemeteries destroyed

According to reports, Martyr Seydo Cemetery of Martyrs was completely demolished as a result of the artillery attacks by the Turkish army and mercenaries.

Civilians abducted

Al-Amshat mercenaries carried out a raid on the houses of civilians in the village of Koxre in Mabata district two days ago. A civilian named Semîr Mieratê was abducted in the raid.

Symbols of occupation everywhere

Names of the schools and streets in Afrin were among the primary targets of the Turkification policy carried out during the occupation. Posters of Turkish President Erdogan and flags of the Turkish state are waving along the streets and roads in Shiye district.

Hundreds of trees cut down

According to the local sources in Afrin, the occupation forces took down the power pylons along the road between Mabata and Shiye districts. In addition, electricial wires were also stolen.

Sources also report that the invaders have cut down hundreds of olive trees to open roads leading to Afrin from the border villages in Shiye and Jindires districts.

Dozens of trees set on fire

The occupation forces set fire to dozens of olive trees and large forest areas on Mount Qaziqlê in Jindires district and on the hill in Mahmudiyah neighborhood in Afrin city center.

Olive harvest confiscated

The invaders also continue looting the olive harvest in Afrin territory. Afrin Canton Agriculture Committee executives stated that the invaders have confiscated 90% of the olive harvest in the region, and this equals to USD 100 million.

A source spoke to ANHA News Agency and told that the invaders have stolen the olives in Bilbile and Rajo districts. Accordingly, Asîfet al-Shemal, Ahrar al-Sharqiya and Sultan Murad gangs are looting the olives together with their families.

On the other hand, sources report that the mercenaries also seize the olive oil produced by the local people.

According to reports, Fırqat al-Hamza gangs take 1000 Syrian Lira ransom for every can of olive oil from the families.