Green Left Party MP Tiryaki: We will build the future our peoples deserve

“We will continue to struggle for democracy. We will carry out this struggle in all areas, especially in parliament,” said Green Left Party Batman MP Mehmet Rüştü Tiryaki.

In an interview with ANF about the perspective on the elections and the way forward, Green Left Party Batman MP Rüştü Tiryaki stated that the 14 May and 28 May elections were held based on Kurdish hostility. “The elections were of historic importance. There could have been a rupture in Turkey’s politics, but this was not possible for many reasons. Undoubtedly, the reasons should be discussed in detail, which we will certainly do.”

Tiryaki noted that the ruling alliance won the undemocratic 'election race' which was marked by unequal political financing, a press embargo and a permanent state of emergency regime. He said: “Unfortunately, there is not a good future for Turkey, Kurdistan and the Middle East. If we do not fight these racist, misogynistic, hawkish policies, we will experience more wars and more poverty.”

Tiryaki emphasized that his party’s most serious shortcoming during the election campaign was to contest under the banner of a new party due to the threat of closure. He added: “There is a decrease in the rate of votes we received.”

Defining the hopelessness after the election as understandable, he continued: "In no period of history has the democratisation of a country been achieved only through elections held every five years. All freedoms and the creation of a democratic society have been won through struggle, even if the price was very high. As a party, we are aware of this. Of course, we have never underestimated elections, but we have never believed that the ongoing problems of this country can only be solved through elections. That is why we put social struggle at the centre of our politics, even outside the elections.”

Tiryaki remarked that first the co-chairs and the co-spokespersons met to discuss the election results, after which meetings with representatives of the parties of the Alliance and members of the party councils took place. He concluded: "The whole process and the debates will be evaluated by our party councils. In view of these discussions, we will hold public meetings in all provinces and districts where we are organised. We will take on board the criticisms and suggestions of our institutions and citizens. The political movement that we represent sees criticism and self-criticism as a way of life, and we will implement this whole process in the spirit of this political way of life. Let no one doubt, we will continue to struggle for democracy. We will carry out this struggle in all areas, especially in parliament. We will build the future our peoples deserve together. We have never given way to despair and we will never do."